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Are you
 easy to get to know
 hard to get to know

If you were a teacher would you rather teach
 courses involving theory
 fact courses

Which word appeals to you more

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Does the idea of making a list of what you should get done over the weekend

 leave you cold
 appeal to you

Are you inclined to

 value logic more than sentiment
 value sentiment more than logic

Do you usually get along better with

 realistic people
 imaginative people

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Do you prefer to

 wait and see what happens and then make plans
 plan things far in advance

Are you more attracted to

 a person with a quick and brilliant mind
 a practical person with a lot of common sense

Would you say it generally takes others

 a little time to get to know you
 a lot of time to get to know you

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Is it a higher compliment to be called

 a person of real feeling
 a consistently reasonable person

Would you rather be considered

 a practical person
 an ingenious person

Do you more often

 let your heart rule your head
 let your head rule your heart

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At parties you

 always have fun
 sometimes get bored

In doing something that many other people do, does it appeal to you more to

 invent a way of your own
 do it in an accepted way

Does following a schedule

 cramp you
 appeal to you

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Do you generally prefer courses that teach

 concepts and principles
 facts and figures

Which is a higher compliment, to be called


Can you keep a conversation going indefinitely

 with almost anyone
 only with people who share some interests of yours

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Which word appeals to you more


Do you generally prefer to

 make your social engagements some distance ahead
 be free to do things on spur of the moment

When making a decision, is it more important to you to

 consider people’s feelings
 weigh the facts

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Overall when working on a big project, do you tend to

 figure out what needs to be done as you go along
 begin by breaking it down into steps

Which word appeals to you more


Do you prefer to do many things

 according to your plans
 on the spur of the moment

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Are you usually

 a good mixer
 rather quiet and reserved

In reading for pleasure do you

 like writers to say exactly what they mean
 enjoy reading odd or original ways of saying things

In your daily work do you

 rather enjoy an emergency that makes you work against time
 usually plan your work so you won’t need to work under pressure

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