Unique Selling Proposition – Being Persuasive In Business

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What Is USP?

When creating marketing and sales titles your USP…

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition

Must be persuasive. We’re going to show you how to be persuasive in business. Marketing Online’s Alex Mandossian and Copy Expert Paul Talbot uncover the 5 Most Powerful Words That You Can Use In Marketing and Sales Titles & Copy.

These five words are fantastic at compelling people to take action (when used correctly).

The reason that these 5 Words are such Powerful Words In Marketing and Sales is because the invoke one or more of the following emotions. Marketing Online’s CEO, Alex Mandossian has Identified four aspects of being persuasive and states that “It’s about going for all four”:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

In this post you will learn the 5 Most Powerful Words in Marketing.

Words have mental power. Words have emotional power. Words can have physical power. Words have spiritual power… All spiritual wars and movements throughout history have begun with words.

Powerful Words In Your Unique Selling Proposition

Words have pulling power. Think about how advertisers taught people to use shampoo and soap by writing instructions on the back of the bottle. Lather, then rinse… And, then someone else came along and they added a practical 6 letter word: REPEAT. Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

Think about the pulling power, realize that every word written in great marketing copy was done with intention. Words create sentences and sentences create word strings. Word strings become paragraph strings and so on. When you say less with powerful words you can move people.

Not using NLP. Straight up and straight forward USP… Your Unique Selling Proposition can be concise and almost a mantra for your marketing communication.

It should be noted that being persuasive in business marketing is all about simplicity. It is about making things simple and making them for a target demographic. Don’t overlook something as simple as a great word string that converts the user into more consumption more often: Lather, Rinse and Repeat. Think of the simplicity in a sentence like that the next time you need to create a great headline for your Marketing and Sales Titles.

Powerful Words – How To Be Persuasive In Business

Marketing Online Title Tip from Justin Livingston: When writing great headlines keep in mind that statistics show most low ticket offers do abnormally well converting on a page that uses a negative headline. Most high ticket sales (HTS) pages convert better when you speak in terms of pleasure based titles. Or you can test merging the two and having pain then pleasure or pleasure then pain.

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Give a reason why something is FREE. Justify it!

We were all taught as a society that “you don’t get something for nothing.” If you use the word “free” in your copy, please use it wisely and carefully. In the high end industry that we are in free can be a bad thing. And by “we” I am speaking to the tribe that we serve here at Marketing Online:

  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Service Professionals
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Social Influencers
  • Master Presenters
  • Video Presenters
  • Consultants
  • Executives

When creating Headline Ideas Using the word “free” can be destructive in our profession and you may prefer to use a word like “complementary” instead. FREE Book Titles might have seemed like a great headline idea but after further examination, are there some better words for your headline ideas? Are there better ways to state what is USP?

Ask yourself… Is FREE really the best word for your Marketing and Sales Titles?

Alternative words to use for free:

  • Complimentary
  • Gifts
  • Invitation

The 5 Most Powerful Words in Marketing and Sales Copy Headlines

  1. Free – Careful… Using this word still requires selling it
  2. Best – Don’t Use It Unless It Is Truly Credible from a 3rd Party Source
  3. Imagine – Hold their hand and take them deep… This Is The Only Verb
  4. This – Most easily used in Titles and Headlines, or use These
  5. Now – Pair it with “WHY” they should take action “now”

Tips for Using Imagine in your Marketing and Sales Titles: “Take them by the hand and drag them deep into what it is that you want them to imagine” said Paul Talbot. The word “this” can move people and is especially powerful when used in a headline. The sole purpose of the headline is to encourage the reader to read more. Just as the entire purpose of an email subject line from a copy writing standpoint is to get them to open the mail. And the next sentence is there to get them to read the following, and so on.

Using the word “this” makes it easy to introduce the gift to your audience…

You can also use ‘these” in your >>Powerful Words<[link to this post] throughout the Marketing and Sales Titles on Your Landing Pages, Your Facebook Ads, Your Banner Ads and your Videos.

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Paul Talbot recommends always attaching your reason why to the call-to-action. For example you might say something like: Download This Now and You Will Learn The 27 Most Powerful Headlines That Are Responsible for over $3 Billion in Sales. Or, “the question mark has always been more powerful than the exclamation point.” – Dale Carnegie 1888-1955

Headline Ideas for Your Marketing USP

Powerful Words

Alex Mandossian mentioned the point is that “power words get more action with less…” He also stated that too many adjectives will be a problem fast. Limit the adjectives to 1 in every 8 words maximum. Try and get closer to less than 13 adjectives for every one hundred words used. Using more verbs in your copy can cause movement and make change in your live events and the performance of your ads. Identify the verbs that you do have and make the copy more powerful. Even the Ten Commandments in the Catholic/Christian religion only has 11% adjectives.

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