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How To: Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn

How To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn Expert, Ted Prodromou has authored his second addition of “The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business” and right now in this Marketing Online Training he is going to share with you:

  • Four Tips for Supercharging Your LinkedIn Business Profile
  • 5 Social Networking Hazards To Avoid When Getting Found on LinkedIn
  • 3 Tested Principles To Getting More Pre-Qualified Leads on LinkedIn

On top of all that, Marketing Online’s Chief Engagement Officer–Alex Mandossian is going to be showing you some looks at what is happening on our end so that you can see how easy it is to produce your own Google Hangouts and broadcast them as a livestream on both Google Hangouts and on your LinkedIn Profile at the exact same time… With almost no extra work at all.

Does that sound like a good use of your time for the next 60 minutes?

Excellent. I am looking forward to it. Let’s begin:

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Training may be taught well by about 3-5 people in the world. Period.

This guy wrote the book on it twice and his second editions already sold out in less than a few days and the publisher is busy printing more because people want them.

Let me ask you?

Which is better…?

To read a book by the expert  – or –  To listen to the LinkedIn expert trainer for 30 minutes right here and right now so that you too can become a LinkedIn Training and LinkedIn Marketing expert to your clients.

Hopefully you chose the latter of the two.

And hopefully you are now ready to learn from the LinkedIn Marketing guy… The man who wrote the book on it, twice. For Entrepreneur Magazine… Mr. Ted Prodromou!

Watch Part 2 of Ted Prodromou’s presentation in his follow up interview Maximize Your Exposure Using LinkedIn Marketing. Learn even more from LinkedIn Expert Ted Prodromou on our next episode from Marketing Online.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

The truth is that you should not have a first intent with a cold connection be to sell them anything on LinkedIn. If you want a rock solid LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Sales Solutions then start by being friendly. Help people. Take advice, Engage with them on their posts. Talk to them and make these new connections on LinkedIn count.

How To Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Expert

Some of the best advice that LinkedIn Expert Ted Prodromou had was that you should be friendly. You should be approachable and active on LinkedIn daily. Most of all follow or model after the best profiles in your industry. Use caution when sharing things that might be okay for Facebook. LinkedIn is not Facebook and your marketing posts on LinkedIn should be more professional.

Read More About LinkedIn Expert Ted Prodromou. We have an in-depth blog post on about LinkedIn Marketing and How To Use LinkedIn.

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