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What About Getting More High End Clients?

Survey Design for High End Customers

Ryan Levesque recommends making your statements into questions to engage people when choosing the words to make a high end offer targeted to high end clients. His example: “Is it really possible to double your business by working together with me one-on-one in person in the next 5 days?” Ask yourself: If we were to offer something what approach, might you consider?” Operative words being: “Approach,” “Might” and “Consider.”

Customer Surveys – Sample Survey Questions

Where are you at in this “Survey Funnel” discussion?
Join in on this replay about The 4 Sample Survey Questions Master Marketers ASK when attracting High End Clients:

Marketing Online Tip: Using questions to introduce high end offers is a fantastic approach to move people in the right direction… Questions are engaging and people are compelled to act by the right question when it is asked to the correct audience and phrased properly to open their minds into seeing a potential opportunity or possibility that they may not have been thinking existed.

At Marketing Online one of our principals for the process of selecting high end students to mentor is, asking them one simple question that in reality is responsible for over 7 million dollars in sales for our business every year and that question is: On a scale of Zero to 10… How motivated are you to making the changes necessary to be where you want to be “x” number of months from now? If the answer is a 10. Ask them what makes it a 10? If the answer is less than a 10… Ask them what would make it a 10?

Then ask them “would it be okay of I shared with you what a 10 might look like if we help you get to the goals you want to reach by having us on your team?

Customer Surveys for Getting High End Clients

Ryan Levesque stated that there are two mistakes that are often made preventing success in the marketing language and the funnel process. The first type of mistake is asking the wrong questions. The second mistake is that people are misinterpreting the data a.k.a. audience feedback. Depth of response is where you will find the correlation to why buyers purchase. Asking the WRONG questions. Misinterpreting the information that you were given; those are bad practices.

Marketing Online Tip: Ask your audience “if you could eliminate that one thing in your week that is driving you crazy or holding you back… What is that one thing?” Again, you can avoid asking the direct question and ask something more in line with: What is the frustration that you have with _____________? Or maybe: What Is The One Thing That You Still Struggle with Most on _______________? Or: What Is The One Thing That You Still Struggle with Most in Your _______________? If you could eliminate that one thing that you never have to go through again what would that one thing be?

How To Get High End Clients

Survey Design

Frequency vs. Depth The size of the list versus quality of list. Connie Ragen Green wrote a book called “Huge Profits with a Tiny List” where she only had about 600 people on her list but did exceptionally well because with an active email list you don’t need lots and lots of people. Ted Prodromou explains that his first circle was 27 people belly-to-belly. Things can grow fast for you if you serve the small list that you have and continue to deliver value, keeping it fun and engaging for the audience. David Perdew started with less than 80 people in a room and he automatically learned that the room of people separated themselves into two buckets and later the high end client feedback told David there is really 4 buckets or levels that they want him to serve within the NAMS process. Having the ability to listen, interpret the information and make the right decisions for your audience will allow your company to create and offer better quality products or services geared to a more specific buyer. To do that, all you will need to do is “Ask.” Check out Ryan Levesque’s book here: http://askformula.com/

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