What Is A Service Business

What Is A Service Business?

What Is a Service Business?

A business where “caring” can be a competitive advantage. You have probably heard the saying “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Caring is the difference between a good service business and a great service business. Every business is a service business, just like every business is in the marketing business.

How Does Great Service Work Step-By-Step? It all starts with setting the intention that you are in the service business. Always asking yourself, how can you make that client relationship better? That step is followed by identifying the actions that make your business great. Then reward the team for creating great value in the experience.

  • Set The Intention
  • Identify The Actions That Make Your Business Great
  • Reward The Team For Being Great At Service

Success Coach – You’re Service Business Is On A Good Path

Starting a service business for success coaching requires that you yourself have had some success. Results and happy client reviews speak for themselves. We can teach you 3 different proven methods for building high impact reviews for your success coaching business. One is our proven 12 questions for getting high end clients. A second proven technique we also use is by calling to ask (the right way and with the right question answer formula) for fantastic testimonials. AND… Most recently we adopted a third method of getting reviews using “So Tell Me.” Testimonials and Reviews for your business are a very large part of your ability to succeed, especially when your focus shifts towards Starting A Coaching Business.


If you are considering starting an coaching business and your desires are:

  • Success Coaching
  • Life Coach Training Online
  • Online/Off-line Service Business

Watch the Anatomy of Building a Service Business Now:

In a service business the results are what your target customers and prospective buyers will be looking for. Starting Online Business product launch using our Ready-Fire-Aim process (for an established business) on your first “life coach training online” program is a viable plan. If you have not established your service business and you do not have a tribe we recommend getting results and building a tribe of clients, readers, watchers, fans, advocates, etc. before trying to launch a product or selling life coach training online.

What If You Focus On Being A Service-Centered Business?

Life coach training online for brick-and-mortar business

Long term customer care equals higher lifetime customer value and happier customers that will become your brand advocates. Lee Richter from The Pet Concierge, originally founded the Mount Clair Veterinary Hospital 14 years ago. The plan was to run the business, each having a sector of the business that they specialize in. Her husband was the Veterinarian and she was the Business grad. Lee knew that her service business was not an online business but it was a physical brick-and-mortar location that did have results and happy clients in her local market. People love pets and when you are great at providing the services they come to buy then people take note and they will come back, again and again.

How To Start A Service Business

  • Focus On Only Having Happy People.
  • Be A Leader In Your Local Community.
  • Have a Gratitude Program.

Our goal is to provide you with success training that can give you the life coach training online that you need to start a successful service business. What Is A Successful Service Business? It starts with CARING.

If you like what you learned so far and you’re ready to SHIFT your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE we want to share a very special training that can help you catapult your service business to all new highs. Breakthrough the struggles in your service business, learn How To Start A Coaching Business, and overcome your struggle getting EXPOSURE now with a special Marketing Online Training we have for you, click here to SHIFT yourself and your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE.

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