Productivity Defined By The Productivity Guy

Productivity is defined as: maximum results in minimum time.

Productivity defined by The Productivity Guy

Today is all about how productive you can be in your business. It starts by eliminating distractions and outlining your schedule for the next day, so that you have set aside time to get “maximum results in minimum time” working on your assigned projects.

Productivity Defined

The Productivity Guy, Alex Mandossian offers you his definition of productivity. Becoming a productive serial entrepreneur or brick-and-mortar business owner requires understanding that if you struggle with your productivity you have a distraction problem and it must stop immediately.

Productivity for entrepreneurs is essential in the sustainability to deliver on the commitments that you make in the relationships that you build. Being more productive requires discipline.

Think back to college, in college there were set times where you were in set classes and you had to set aside blocks of time in your schedule to get the homework assignments completed. If you did not set aside the times to do the work for any one class then your performance would slip as a result of being in-productive.

It boils down to one word. Your business and your working patterns need to be SIMPLIFIED!

Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

How To Be More Productive

To be more productive we recommend the power hour or the power 30 and we prefer to implement 5 minute to 10 minute breaks for every hour that we work. The power hour is your concentrated work time to completely unplug from your phone, social media and any other distractions happening around you.

Your sole focus for the power hour or power 30 is the one thing on the agenda for that allotted time frame.

The best way to prevent yourself from being distracted is to COMPLETELY unplug from everything.

You can get a sand bottle hourglass timer or a digital one. Treat the timer like a race to complete as much work on any one project in the allotted time set on the timer. Next, take a 5-10 minute break also uninterrupted where you can reflect on the work that you have completed. To become a productive entrepreneur you have to stop being distracted and focus on mastering productivity.

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Productivity for Entrepreneurs

We hope this Productivity Coaching session from Marketing Online has taught you what the definition of productivity really is “getting maximum results in minimum time” and how to be more productive as an entrepreneur in your business and in your life. Be productive adopt and implement the Productivity Secrets shared here by Alex Mandossian, a.k.a. The Productivity Guy.

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