LinkedIn Expert Shares Training for LinkedIn Marketing

Here are some of the biggest secrets that no one has shared yet about LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing Secrets

The single biggest mistake that people make is only posting something once. Spread it out on the web everywhere, at different places and different times. Serve the content on the platforms that your people are likely to be spending their time on and do it in a way that is both, native and authentic for the platform that you are posting on.

That is truly the power of the secrets that LinkedIn Expert, Ted Prodromou shares on this live Hangout On Air:

LinkedIn Training Tip: During The Live Recording You Can Simulcast The Live feed Inside Your LinkedIn Published Post for other LinkedIn members in your connections to watch and invite a friend. After You Have simulcasted the content on LinkedIn you can spread the content out on other websites online where your target demographics are spending their time on.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important?

If you’re a Serial Entrepreneur or a Brick-and-Mortar Business Owner trying to get more exposure try starting with: Making a Video on Google Hangout.

How To Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Google Hangouts are easy to use and it simply requires that you set up a Google Plus account. Those are free for anyone that may not be familiar with Google + or Google Hangouts. The account for your Google + comes free when you set up a free Gmail address. By the way, Google allows you to control your Google Plus page, Your YouTube Page and nearly every other Google product, using your Gmail account. It is super convenient, try it out!

Believe me, Now (if not for you already) it pays to have a Google Account or a Gmail account.

In Order To Record LIVE On Google Hangouts using this LinkedIn Simulcast Secret you must have a Google Account. Don’t fight it. Get one if you do not have one already.

If needed, Please Set up a Google Account at: > Sign In > Create New Account

Linkedin Marketing – How To Use LinkedIn

Marketing Your Content on a LinkedIn Post Stream Your Google Hangout Live on LinkedIn and watch the traffic and visibility… Skyrocket. Keep in mind that the viewers you want to reach may enjoy “Dead-time Learning” on iTunes or SoundCloud or scrolling down the Twitter feed to find great articles to read. Go where your people are hanging out. Be“a personality” and “a brand” that they can grow with. Be a company with a clear communication and a clear message. When you do online marketing for your business.

Marketing Online Q & A – Getting More Exposure Using LinkedIn, Geoffrey X. Lane from Victoria, British Columbia asks “Is there a point where you in fact annoy people” using all this repurposing? Ted Prodromou responds “nobody has ever complained to him.” Alex from explains that if the person is complaining about the content repurposing then “that person is engaged with you.” In those scenarios we teach our coaching students at Marketing Online to respond by letting people know that yes it is related content and that you appreciate that they noticed.

LinkedIn Sales Tips

Tell them that you do apologize if they have reviewed it before, and that most of the audience is not as engaged and often they had not seen it which is one of the reasons that you reused it. But, if you’re an: Author, Trainer, or Speaker then also let them know that you do offer personal coaching, training and mentorship consulting and allow them to agree with asking you to share more about what that entails. Ultimately if they agree show them what it might be like if they become a part of one of those programs.

Before using this as the LinkedIn Sales Solution, ask their permission to share more information about the programs that you offer as you apologize that the content is something that they have heard, seen, read, watched, etc. Realize that if they are coming to you to complain about the repurposing that the complaint is really their little voice inside themselves saying “I need more information or a solution that I have not yet seen from you, because you have already shown me this particular one.” When that is the case, the solution that their little voice is asking for is personal coaching and that should start with permission from them to share more about what your personal coaching includes: listening, understanding, problem solving and implementation… This should be your “outrageous” offer.

At Marketing Online we teach that everyone should have 3 types of offers: Minimum Target Outrageous If you start with outrageous, then it is much easier to down-sell into target or minimum pricing.

Learn more about expanding your reach, increasing your exposure and maximizing your profits in our 4 Part Training Series to Becoming a Personal Coaching Student at Marketing Online by taking the Assessment:

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