Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

The Productivity Guy is back again bringing you Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs.

Productivity Myths

True or False Productivity…

  • To Be Productive You Need To Be A Better Multi-tasker
  • To Be Productive You Need To Work Faster and Sell More
  • The Fastest Way To Productivity Is Just Get Started and Figure It Out As You Go

The cold reality of Productivity is NONE of the three MYTHS above are true!! Each of them is FALSE.

The Productivity Guy

Productivity is not something that comes easy to very busy people and the chances are if you are a “very busy” entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer or brick-and-mortar business owner there are only two things that you need to identify. What distractions do you have in your day? How can you eliminate those distractions immediately and focus solely on getting your time and your work schedule back in order?

Productivity Secrets

The Secret to Productivity is a simple one and it requires 5 KEY ELEMENTS! That’s it…

Here are 5 Productivity Secrets for Serial Entrepreneurs and Brick-and-Mortar business owners:

  1. You Must Eliminate ALL Distractions In Your Day Immediately.
  2. Clean-up Your Messes.
  3. Unplug Yourself From Distraction.
  4. Use A Countdown Timer.
  5. Schedule Your Day The Night Before.

The best way to be more Productive is by first identifying that you have a distraction problem.

It is an addiction to distraction and it is killing your business. Once you go on a downward spiral of distraction in your work schedule it becomes increasingly more difficult to produce. To reverse the death spiral that is DISTRACTION, productivity is the only solution!

First identify that you do have a distraction problem and once you do stop manifesting any more negative affirmations regarding distractions. Tell yourself “I am going to remove the distractions that are preventing me from being more productive.”

Next, sit down and take a look around your work-space. Is it a mess?

Good… Pile the messes into little messes and chunk them up off to the side where that you can easily clean-up and fix the messes later in scheduled time.

Scheduling is important and the must have if you plan on reversing the downward spiral that you are on. Now that your messes are piled into small piles and out of your way, your office or work space should be clean and ready for the new you…

A more productive you begins with creating and sticking to a schedule for the next 21 days.

Each night before you go to bed write your schedule for the following day and DO NOT stray from that schedule!

How To Be More Productive

Start with a countdown timer that is make of digital or an hour glass and do not use your mobile phone. Chances are that you have a countdown timer on your smart phone… DO NOT USE your mobile phone. To be productive you must eliminate distractions and your smartphone is a huge distraction.

Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

When you sit down to work on your scheduled items DO NOT do anything but what is scheduled for your 30 minute or 1 hour time blocks. Only the item on your scheduled time slot can be done, nothing else…

No distractions will come from a countdown timer. None of your social media sites should be open and you should not be checking on emails, playing with your pets, running around doing things that are not on the schedule, none of it! Distractions are everywhere and the universe expects you to be more productive so you MUST eliminate the distractions and stay focused on the “Scheduled Task At Hand.” We call this the power hour and the reason why it is a Productivity Secret that we shared To HELP YOU Be “More Productive” is simple… It works!

Continue reading about the “Power Hour” with these Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs.

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