What Is a Sales Funnel?

On this online marketing training we are joined by Andrew Cass live from Miami, FL.

Andrew Cass created the “Sales Philosophy” which is a hybrid of old school cold calling techniques and sales skills that he developed and mastered as a stockbroker, pre-Facebook, video and online marketing media, coupled with those very current digital medium platforms for communication like video, ads, search optimization and new media marketing.

How To Create A Sales Funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel

In this call you will learn:

  • How To “Connect” with your audience to attract your ideal customers
  • Unlock the power of multi-media selling to minimize resistance
  • Secrets for maximizing customer value so you can monetize more with less

2 Things that You Must Do If You Want Success In Business… Look within and be honest as you ask yourself and answer these two questions:

  1. What do you intend to make in income each month for the next 12 months?
  2. What is the least amount of work that I need to do to get there?

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel requires pre-planning the desired actions that you want your customers to take. If you are exceptionally good at creating a sales funnel then your visitors will not feel like they are being sold to.

Having the user take the desired action is always the hard part of the equation.

What If Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Working?

Go back with fresh eyes and make sure that each step of the funnel is working in terms of technicals. Then go back and look objectively at the sales funnel process and the desired steps that you want people entering the funnel to take. Ask yourself:

  • Is this information and the process speaking to the right desired audience?
  • Does the process of your funnel make sense or is it sending mixed messages?
  • What is the user really looking for?
  • What is the true reason that they are buying/opting in for the content you are selling?
  • Have you conveyed the message to them in a way that requires very little to no thought?

Learn The Proven Methods To Create A Great Funnel

The Secret To A Great Sales Funnel Is The Assessment

Forcing Your Prospects to take an Assessment is a great way to qualify the right prospects for choosing your clients. Focus in on what, why and what if (not so much on the how) when you address the visitor that do qualify for your time as a prospect. Andrew Cass says a lot of people get so focused on the how and the systems that they get so stressed around building it that there tends to be a loss of energy for the strategy and the executions to reach the end goal.

Marketing Online’s, Alex Mandossian explains that the toughest part of a sales funnel is building momentum. It is a lot like a roller coaster ride and building momentum is not climbing the bell curve but rather cresting over the top of the first peak and then gaining speed on the downhill that can carry up and down through the rest of the ride. Your sales funnel needs to start with an assessment.

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