Hangout Syndication Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Stay right there because we are talking to you about Hangout Syndication Secrets.

Hangout Syndication Secrets

Hangout Syndication Secrets

The goal for syndication is to gain more exposure and reach as a brick-and-mortar business owner or Serial Entrepreneur.

How is syndication different than simulcasting?

Syndication is not only repurposing, but also finding more to expand on from the original broadcast, in our case here at Marketing Online, we use and teach you to leverage Google Hangouts to broadcast your message. Share information about your topic of influence and structure your Google Hangout as training delivered for the audience that you want to reach. Each Hangout that you produce will give you more exposure and more reach! That is how we grow our tribe and we recommend that you follow this proven method of Hangout Syndication.

Google Hangout Marketing Tips

Hangout Syndication Expert Training

With simulcasting you can broadcast at the same time as the live Google Hangout is happening on other channels and websites around the web, where your target demographic prefers to send their time when they are online or on a mobile device, present with you on your show.

Marketing Online Tip: You don’t need to be a technical expert, be a media maven… Have a topic and an outline, as well as a format for your show and start. Version #1 is better than version none when it comes to syndication.

Our guest on the show today is a Marketing Maven, Debbie Horovitch. She used Google Hangouts as a means to spread her mission of having a show that would lead her to becoming a published author. One of her early on interview guests was Guy Kawasaki and that really propelled her into snowballing a parade full of influential guests on her show.

Google Hangouts Expert Training

Debbie Horovitch admits that what she soon learned was leveraging those guest interviews is a powerful way to become a thought leader that people want to do something with.

We recommend having a goal and a sticky theme for your show. Find or identify three thought leaders that you would like to interview for your show. Ways to add value to their audience is to become one. We train our clients at Marketing Online to be active and engaged in the group discussions and on the social media channels that your target three influencers are using most often.

Position Yourself As the Expert Using Hangout Syndication Secrets

Like one of their posts and comment in the conversation threads. Or perhaps you will read their latest blog post, share it, retweet it and leave a comment on their blog. The idea is to be active, present and engaging in the places that you can be seen helping to add value to the influencer’s tribe. Be there for the right reasons (to add value) and be present.

What are some channels that you would love to participate by sharing your conversations on?

Target their editorial calendars for large media and well researched or targeted media.

Join us to learn How Your Message Should Be Crafted for Hangout Syndication using the Right Audience and the Right Channel. It All Starts with relevance and it all starts now. Watch our Hangout Syndication Secrets Training:

What are 3 traps to avoid when trying to get content distribution?

  • Make the Commitment To The Universe and the Commitment To You To Do A Hangout
  • Don’t Wait To Invite Your Guests or Sponsors
  • Put In The Time and Planning To Make It Successful

It all starts with a declaration and a date for the Hangout Interview. Build up for that show and “you will end up becoming the media… Not just the message, the media.” – Alex Mandossian

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