How To Increase Your Productivity Like The Productivity Guy

Alex Mandossian, Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) at Marketing Online believes that we only have so much “productivity time” and but so much “willpower.” By using a countdown timer in your day and making prime time power hours when you have the most willpower you will get more done in your day with far less interruptions.

As a Productivity Mentor (and you can find out more about that at, we want to show you how to Be More Productive like The Productivity Guy! Alex recommends blocking out 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute spans in your highest willpower hours of the day and then dedicating each of those segments of time to focus only on one thing. Complete it or complete it to the benchmark that you had set for yourself. Make only item your objective to focus on during a power hour.

The Productivity Guy

Become A Productivity Guy

Increase your profits and your productivity by:

  • Managing Your Time In Blocks
  • Segmenting What Times Are Dedicated To WHich One Item
  • Complete The Planned Work In The Designated Time Slot of Your Schedule
  • Don’t Allow Any Interruptions from Anyone
  • Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Sidetracked
  • Don’t Try Multitasking Because It Doesn’t Work

Without Purpose You Cannot Be Productive

Be more Productive Like The Productivity Guy! The second most common question asked from our clients and the people that we have mentored at is “how do I find purpose in life?”

Well, that may be a deep question but a great way to find purpose (if that is something you are seeking) is to write down a list of the things that drain you. Write out everything that sucks away your willpower in a day and makes your mind less sharp and your body produce less in the work day. Identify what those things are, those are not your purpose…

On the flip side the things that really truly make you happy are very much the purpose and eventually you will determine which one deserves more time, focus and energy than any other one in your life or your business. Do more of that… Those are the Secrets To Productivity in Business.

How To Increase Your Productivity Like The Productivity Guy

Avoid the weaknesses (the things that suck your willpower and productivity). Circle the one that is your best strength and make that your purpose in life. “Get rid of what isn’t and record what is.” – Alex Mandossian

This is an essential to marketing. If you know who you are marketing to then you can reach the right people with the right target message. As an Marketing Online Mentor, Alex teaches each of his coaching students to identify the market as the wheel on a bicycle with the media being the spokes that connect the hub (your message) to the market itself.

Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

In other words your business may be selling a product, a service or giving away information no matter what the niche is and no matter the case we teach our clients that when you market that: product, service, or information you will have a message. That message acts as the “hub”  for the market to connect back to. The market is the wheel on the bicycle and if the market needs to connect to the message it is done using “media” (whether it is new media or old media) the media acts as the spokes do on a bicycle tire to connect the tire/rim to the hub of the bicycle wheel.

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