Leadership Factors – Business Motivational To Become A Leader

Leadership Factors of Gmail came from Autonomy, the designs and decors of each floor at the Zappos Headquarters were done by the employees as an autonomy of culture from within. Best Buy created a ROWE, Results Only Work Environment from Autonomy. With a Google Hangout don’t be intimidated. We can help you make it work with this simple 4 step training to Succeed at Becoming A Fantastic Virtual Presenter that Can Sell High End Clients.

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Leadership Factors Of Google Hangouts

If you are intimidated to use Google Hangouts, don’t be! If something breaks, which it might happen in technology more often than you think. No big-deal just keep on going and you can learn from the troubles as you experience the benefits. No excuses why you should not be using Google Hangouts to share your message with the right target markets. Video Presentation moves people. Do it, just make it work and go forward. Make your target goal to plan and have your first Google Hangout or Your next 50. If you fail learn from it and move on. Create an environment of Autonomy in your business. Let things spawn from the team of experts on your side coaching you and teaching you to see just how powerful Video Presentation can be.

How To Monetize Video

Lead Using Hangouts To Broadcast Your Brilliance

Mastery is all about getting closer and closer to the thriving dream that keeps reaching new depths and while it cannot always be achieved. You can keep focusing in and really master the skill or teaching skills, coaching skills, entrepreneurial skills, etc.

“Purpose activates intention.” – Alex Mandossian

Lead yourself and Shift your business into High Growth Mode with this complementary training from Alex Mandossian.

How to Motivate People with Google Hangouts

Hangout Syndication Expert Training

MOL Thought Provoking Questions for Leaders:

If you knew that you only had 3 days what would be your purpose for life in those three days?

What are the 4 reasons why influencers fail to move others?

  1. Task Procrastination

    How To Overcome Procrastination: Doodle, Experiment, Rewrite Great Ads of Other People

  2. Time Management

    Manage Your Time by Managing Your Actions In the Time

  3. Technique Perfectionism

    If you are a perfectionist just admit it and stop doing it. Like Mario Brown says constantly take imperfect action. As we always say at Marketing Online, “sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.” Don’t let technique get in the way. Version 1 is better than Version None.

  4. Team Vetting

    “Only great talent can create great organizations.” – Alex Mandossian

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5 Business Motivation Leaders

Alex Mandossian:


Jay Abraham:


Daniel Pink:


Derek Sivers:



Tony Robbins:


Leadership Motivational Books

  • “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek
  • “Never Give In!” by Winston Churchill
  • “Alexisms” by Alex Mandossian
  • “Wooden On Leadership” by John Wooden
  • “Maximize Your Profits In Minimum Time” by Azim Sahu-Khan
  • “Onward” by Howard Schultz
  • “Primal Leadership” by Daniel Goleman
  • “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel Pink
  • “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu
  • “Questions of Character” by Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.
  • “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh
  • “On Becoming A Leader” by Warren Bennis

Your Bonus Movements To Become a Great Leader from MOL:

The 5 Step formula to move others faster and easier.

  1. If Not This Then What?
  2. What would happen if?
  3. Have a good reason for why now.
  4. What would happen if.
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