How To Avoid Losing Rankings For Mobile

Avoid Losing Rankings on Mobile

Avoid Losing Rankings On Mobile

Avoid losing rankings for mobile… Have a responsive website design or create mobile website pages for your website. It sounds simple BUT so many websites refuse to change with the times… What happens?

In some cases the websites refusing to switch are not impacted in their search rankings on Google, simply because the website traffic and the back-link profile are indicating to Google that they are still the authority for the information their website provides for any given term. In other scenarios the refusal to offer the mobile site visitor a better user experience (one that is mobile friendly) has caused their rankings in google search index to fall.

How To Correct Losing Mobile Rankings

In today’s Hangout we are going to talk about Mobile Optimization.

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As a great leader you will be remembered for the problems that you solved and the ones that you created.

High Concept Is what Andy Grove from Intel, called this a strategic reflection point. It is something can change the way you think and feel. Having a mentality like this is one of high concept that can change the way you look, feel and what you do with your time.

It is better to make a list of the Do’s and the Do Not’s and keep a keen focus on what not to do, just as much or more than what to do. When you are in business (in the future) as a great leader you will be remembered for the problems that you solved and the ones that you created.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

A mobile optimized website simply means that the website can display properly on a mobile device or smartphone. The fast and easy solution in most cases is to create a website that is mobile responsive. Meaning it will automatically adjust to fit any device screen size. The disadvantage to a mobile responsive website is that often there are trade-offs for placement and hierarchy for a page or post on your website that was designed to be viewed on a desktop computer.

The alternative and often more costly way of offering a great mobile device user experience on your website is to create mobile page designs or have a mobile app. Some mobile apps are free and some can cost thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How To Optimize for Mobile Website Search Rankings

The idea is to provide an “optimal viewing/user experience.”

Avoid Losing Traffic on Mobile

Site speed also plays a factor in how mobile friendly your website is. Large slider images that have a large file size can take a while to load the images on your mobile web page or post.

Why Is Responsive or Mobile Websites Are So Relevant To Marketers?

Why Is It Important In 2016 and years coming for your website “user experience” and your “mobile ease of use.” Lower bounce rates, better user experience, more TOS…

What is a bounce rate? It means how quickly a user leaves your website after clicking on the link:

  • Is it immediate?
  • Do they stay for 12 seconds and leave?
  • Do they read or watch a video and click onto the next mobile page in the customer journey

What is TOS? It means Time on Screen and is referring to how long does a user stay on any one page of your website. If the user is searching on mobile and they continue on to your site but leave immediately for the sake of having a bad user experience that effects the TOS and increases your bounce rate, which indicates to Google that your website is not providing the solutions for the user. At that time your website will move down in the rankings. Test your website with this tool.

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