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How To Hire Top Talent – A Players

Dive right into the Hangout about How To Hire Top Talent.

Hiring Top Talent is a must have if you want your business to thrive and not die! You may struggle with the ability or the know-how for How To Hire Top Talent…

If that’s the case this training is for YOU, if:

  • You Have Ever Hired “B-Players”
  • You Are In Denial About Hiring “B-Players”
  • You Struggle To Hire “A-Player” Talent
  • You Struggle To Keep The A-Players On Your Team
  • You Want To Hire More A-Player Talent For Your Company

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The Tale Of Two Wolves

There is a story in Marin County about of an old American Indian Chief from the Miwok Tribe that told his grandson “my son there’s always a battle between two wolves inside us all.”

And the grandson looked up at him…

The Chief continued on to tell his grandson “one is evil and is about anger, jealousy, greed resentment, inferiority, lying, cheating and stealing… And this wolf is about the ego my son.”

Next the Chief said “the other wolf inside us is called goodness. That wolf is about joy, peace and love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, truth… And that second wolf inside of you is about your spirit.”

The young boy thought for a moment and asked his grandfather, “which wolf wins the fight?”

The grandfather looked his grandson straight in the eyes and replied “the one you feed.”

The reason why this is important is rather simple. If you hire the “B Players” and you keep them around in your company then you will drag the progress for everything down.

The entire company will suffer dragging the “B Players” and the “C Players” around trying to make it work. It is like the cliche “one bad apple spoils the bunch.”

Tips for Hiring Top Talent

How To Hire Top Talent

The other side of this which can also be seen is when companies that consider themselves leaders in their industry, but make excuses when their competitors take market share at a rapid pace.

Company #1 once led the industry, but as they grow in size other younger companies emerge slowly gaining ground.

Company #1 may consider themselves a large ship and therefore say things such as “we are like an aircraft carrier…

We move slow to make adjustments.”

It is fear holding them back, while Company #2 gains ground and remains agile, no matter its size.

If Company #1 hires A-Players, the A-Players may not last long in the business because they are surrounded by B-Players being managed by Company #1.

In either scenario, Company #1 with it’s B-Players or in the story of two wolves, the B-Players are ruining the potential that any business has to perform, grow, attract and retain A-Players.

How To Hire World Class Talented —

There are 9 Steps to Vetting Top Talent so that you can weed out the B-Players and find/hire only A Level Talent on your team.

Each of these 9 Steps are written out on a checklist and this is the PROVEN method that we are sharing with you today so that any serial entrepreneur and brick-and-mortar business owner…

In fact, any employer can use these 9 Steps to Hiring Top Talent in their business.

Gone are the days of standard interviews and applications for your company.

9 Steps To Hiring Top Level Individuals

Learn, adopt and implement these 9 Steps to Hiring A-Players.

Knowing about the person by hearing from them is a good start.

As you continue the conversation set some daily goals for them to hit and communicate with them twice during the week to see if they are meeting and exceeding those milestone goals.

Never hire on the spot after the first conversation.

Things will develop and you will begin to see past the initial best behavior presentation, deeper into the real person.

Have monthly progress reports after you have brought someone on to do the work in a probational term setting so that you can see how they measured up to your initial expectations.


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