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Secrets to Eliminating Your Professional Messes

My Secrets to Eliminating Your Professional Messes start by cleaning up your messes (in just) 30 minutes per day.

Secrets to Eliminating Professional Messes

The Secrets to Eliminating ALL Your
Professional Messes

How Do You Simplify Your Life… Both professional and personal?

Simplifying your life doesn’t mean living like a monk, it just means eliminating the messes.

If you don’t eliminate messes and instead you choose to live with them, THE MESS Comes with you.

If you have a personal mess at home, it is going to carry over in your professional life and the reverse is true.

From messes comes breakthroughs, only if you clean them up.

The breakthrough is the product of cleaning up and overcoming the messes.

The birth of the breakthrough was started with a mess.

Think of the Big Bang Theory. Everything started with a mess.

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Birthing a breakthrough is just like birthing a child, it starts messy.

The fastest way to clean the mess is to first DEFINE the mess.

  1. Physical Mess (in your home, your desk, your family room, your office, your garage, etc.)
  2. Emotional Mess (a mental or physical response to the physical mess)
  3. Financial Mess (bankruptcy, low or no funds, poor money management, etc.)
  4. An Adopted Mess (someone else’s mess that you have adopted in a business relationship, a friendship, or a partnership)

By eliminating the messes and cleaning the mess, (just 30 minutes per day) makes your life a lot more simple and stress-free.

Psychologically a physical mess can have consequences and if you do not define it, tackle it and remove it then it will drag you down.

All 4 types of messes come from your decisions.

How To Eliminate Professional Messes

Assess the messes in your life two ways:

  1.  Chunk them down into piles and clean one up 30 minutes per day.
  2. Use the Cartesian method created by René Descartes to analyze the mess 4 ways

Eliminating Your Professional Messes – Question #1:

What will happen if “YOU Do?”

Eliminating Your Professional Messes – Question #2:

What won’t happen “YOU Do?”

Eliminating Your Professional Messes – Question #3:

What will happen if “YOU Don’t?”

Eliminating Your Professional Messes – Question #4:

What won’t happen if “YOU Don’t?”

How To Clean Up The Messes in Business & Life

Categorize your messes by chunking them down so that you can manage cleaning them up in just 30 minutes per day. By the end of the week you will see that you have cleaned up the messes.

Plan to get rid of the mess. That is “responsible.” The word “RESPONSIBILITY” is the “ability” to respond.

Having boundary conversations in your relationships are very important because without them you will just have messes. Avoid reaction because reaction only produces more messes in life and in business.

Be aware of over-commitment. Do what you say and finish what you start, don’t over-commit because that creates messes in your work, in your reputation and in your relationships.