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Productivity Guy Shares 140 Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Productivity on the surface is largely about getting the maximum results in the minimum time. The most important thing in being productive is learning to say “no” and eliminating distractions. No business is successful on day one. The road to success in business is hardly an easy one. There may be obstacles on the way, but turning these obstacles into opportunities as an Entrepreneur are the defining moments you’ll remember most.

Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Productivity Guy Secrets

Alexism 71: The biggest reason for failure in business is not ignoring your daily distractions.

Alexism 47: When growing a “service business,” the best strategy is to sacrifice short-term profits in exchange for long-term wealth.

Alexism 121Your daily DON’T DO list is more important than your TO DO list.

Alexism 118: The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line, it’s the path of least resistance.

Alexism 91: If you want to be hyper productive in your business, make “NO” your default answer to bright shiny opportunities.

Productivity in Selling for Entrepreneurs

“Your prospects secretly ask three questions before buying: ‘Why This? Why You? Why Now?'” – Alex Mandossian

Why This Book?

This book is a curation of over 25 years of living and building my business as a recovering Serial Entrepreneur. In twenty-five hours I created the book that I have for you to read and if you stick around until the end of this post I will give you a complementary digital copy of Alexisms… 

Why You?

This book was made for you if you are an entrepreneur or a brick-and-mortar business owner. Why me? Because it is often said that the fastest way to learn is to have a mentor and the smartest ways to learn are by reading and by learning from other people’s mistakes so that you won’t have to endure the time suck and the trouble or the headaches that come with learning from your own mistakes. Avoid learning what took me twenty-five years to learn when you can obtain the knowledge and the wisdom from me (with Alexisms) in just 25 minutes of your life.

Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Why Alex Mandossian? I am The Productivity Guy, but I wasn’t always… You see I was just like you for many of the early years in my business. While I am still a practical and humble person, I learned how to say “no” to distractions and how to pre-plan my time. I learned that not all opportunities are good ones. I learned that to get more High End Clients you first must become a High End Client and now I am here to be your mentor. “Hiring a business mentor shaves off years of trial-and-error, because you can’t read a label from inside the jar.” WHY Me… Because I am ready to help you take your business into High Growth Mode… Are You Ready? click here

Productivity Guy Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Why Now?

Now is the best time! The adage goes: “No time like the present, a thousand unforeseen circumstances may interrupt you at a future time.” That was first recorded by John Trusler in 1562 and it still holds true today. Now is your opportunity to learn 140 Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Know.

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This book took me 25 years of learning. Twenty-five hours of curation and it will take you 25 minutes to read from cover to cover if you take action now! It was the product of myself and my Chief Aha Instigator & CEO of THINKaha, Mitchell Levy. Mitchell states “Imagine reading two to three Alexisms at a time and having your own AhaMoment that completely changes what you are going to do today, this week, or this year. Imagine incorporating a couple of relevant Alexisms into your lexicon, which helps you work with and manage others.” 

“Picture yourself learning from someone who’s not only been there and done that, but creatively documented his wisdom so you can internalize it and make it your own. Reread again and tell me your favorite Alexism. I’m curious.” – Mitchell Levy