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Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Productivity is about getting the Maximum Results In Minimum Time.

Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Going from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity is the secret of productivity and in fact, it is also the meaning of entrepreneur. The word entrepreneur comes from a Frenchman by the name of Jean-Baptiste Say. The origin of the word entrepreneur means “to undertake” and lift up.

In this short two minute clip, we’re going to explain exactly how we arrived at understanding these Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs and we will be giving you the chance to take the next step in your process of becoming a better entrepreneur by giving you a link at the end of this short video that can help you take your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE. Are you ready?

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 Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Secrets To “Presentation” Productivity for Entrepreneurs

The secret to being a successful entrepreneur is to have high energy and commitment. Everything is Energy and energy is everything! As an entrepreneur your secrets and your presentations, your training and the knowledge that you share as a master virtual presenter is always delivered at its best when it is done with high energy.
The first secret to being a productive master virtual presenter is to get people’s attention.
If you can’t get their attention then you will lose them very quickly and they will not want to stick around.
The same holds true for marketing to suspects, prospects and clients. Without a high energy approach that gets people’s attention, you cannot deliver the right message to the right audience. Your first objective should always be to get the viewers attention.
Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneur
Now I want you to remember this acronym and use it when you present online, whether it’s on a video, a live stream or a podcast. Always follow this acronym… A.I.D.A.
Attention: Get there attention. We like to shout “hey” or say “welcome” at the beginning of a presentation.
Interest: Tell a story. In email or virtual presentation as an entrepreneur, you should always tell a story. The story helps you set up the audience for what is to come. It makes it memorable and something people can use to associate what they learn. Most importantly the story peaks people’s interest so that they keep viewing, watching, listening or reading your presentation. Get there interest.
Desire: Having an ethical bribe at the beginning of your presentation is a great way to keep people on the call and it creates desire for what is coming. You can use an ethical bribe at the beginning of a: blog post, podcast, webinar, teleseminar or virtual presentation. Desire is the seed that you plant in the beginning to keep people watching, listening or reading what you have to offer in the end. Another great way to build desire is with great bullet points that make a promise for what is coming if they tune in. You can also use desire to engage people and compel them to take action by tuning in live or by planting a seed when you speak to their inner voice that makes them want to buy.
Action: Getting people to take action is the grand finale. It is probably the most important aspect of the four once you have completed the first three steps in the A.I.D.A. formula. After the seed of desire has been planted the action is what leads to results. Remember only action leads to results!