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Productivity Secrets of the World’s Highest Achievers

The World’s Highest Achievers have mastered Productivity.

Let me share with you my goals to help you become more productive with less time and energy in your days…

Productivity Secrets for Great Achievers



Walt Disney once said:

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

My name is Alex Mandossian and one of my goals for each of my students is to make them even more successful than me.

I have done that with: Russell Brunson, Vishen Lakhiani, friend and peer Mike Filsame and with Andy Jenkins when he was working with Brad Fallon at Stomper Net. 

My wish for you is to one day make you a more successful, higher income earning individual and be even more of an “A-Player” at what you do then you ever imagined. 

To go beyond where you are today and even beyond my own personal success. To be successful you need to get things done, and that means following the steps of Productivity for Great Achievers!

Productivity Secrets of Great Achievers

What Is Productivity?

Productivity is a discipline 1 part passion and 9 parts commitment.

It’s no secret that if you are struggling with getting your work done throughout the: day, week, month or year then you are probably not productive. Chances are you’re failing and that’s okay.

It’s good to fail so that you can learn from it, learn what not to do and become more productive by doing the right things with your time instead of the wrong things.

One Productivity Secret is that “productivity” exists in both your professional life and in your personal life!

Personal Productivity Secrets

Grab a pen and write something down.

It is far more effective to hand write your notes than to type them on a keyboard or talk them into a phone.

In fact we recommend using a pencil so that if you make a mistake you can erase it.

Mistakes happen in productivity and we can identify them as being “counter-productive.”

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Productivity Secrets for Super Achievers

Productivity Secrets for Super Achievers

We can define productivity in just 5 words. Maximum results in minimum time.

That’s the nature of the beast called Productivity.

How much can you get done in the shortest amounts of time to “slay the two headed dragon of Perfectionism and Procrastination?”

It’s about being productive!

That’s how you become a high achiever.

Secrets To Productivity for High Achievers

The lack of productivity in your business and your life does not equate to getting more done.

If you cannot achieve more to get the maximum results in minimum time then you are not being productive and if those things are true an unproductive person, an unproductive serial entrepreneur or an unproductive employee cannot be a high achiever.