Three Principles Of A Successful Online Course


  • Social Principles for Your Online Course
  • Create Your Own Culture
  • Avoid Refunds

 Do you like the sound of short-term AND long-term profits?

Then an online course might be a good strategy for your business. Online courses are profitable and they provide a lot of social engagement even after the course is done.

Also, they are community building which cultivates trust and recognition for your brand.

Whether you’re an author, speaker, coach, trainer, or online service professional you can use these principles to create a successful online course for your business.

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The most crucial element of online courses is engagement. 

High engagement = high consumption.  

Higher consumption of your online course means more testimonials, and more word-of-mouth advertising…

… which can lead to even more sales for your online course (and your next online course)!

Listen – here’s a little secret – I have spent years studying cults, religions, and successful movements.


Not to join them…

… To see what makes them successful. Why did people stay?

I’ve boiled it down to three elements. These are social principles that strengthen engagement, and deter drop-outs and refunds. 

Principle #1: Create Your Own Language

Take time to develop your own glossary of terms. This will create the language for your course.


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Think of it like you’re developing your own secret society with its own secret codes.

This is for two reasons.

  1. The words you choose will help your students learn and remember what you’re teaching them.
  2. Your students will feel a part of a community. In fact, you are developing a community. And language will bring your students closer together.

Principle #2: Develop Your Own Culture

Create principles that define your culture. This is another way to bring people closer together.

A well-defined culture creates a sense of respect and boundaries for its members. This will inform members how to behave, and interact with each other.

This could be stated as simply as “Here are the 5 Principles to follow while in our online course together.”

Principle #3: Introduce Role Models or Leaders

Have more than just one person or instructor to reach out to during the course.

This is a great benefit because, again, it creates a stronger sense of community and reinforces the culture. It gives students a choice of who they’ll reach out to with questions or concerns.

And all of these elements reduce refunds and drop-outs.

Pro Tip…

Create a secret Facebook group that allows members to interact with each other during the course. You can pin your glossary of terms and course principles. This group will give students a place to utilize their new culture and language.


These three principles do two important things for successful online courses.

They create a sense of community, which keeps engagement high – and your students begging for more.

And they minimize refund rates. You don’t want to create a course, do the marketing for it, get leads, convert those leads, all to just issue a refund. All that work! 

 These principles will let you stay focused on teaching, and having fun with your students!

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