Should My Business Have A Certification Program?


Thinking about creating a certification program for your business?

From getting a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. to becoming a jouraneyman pipe fitter certification is important.

Being a certified professional increases the value of your business, whether you’re a massage therapist or a CPA. You can charge more for your services because of your certification.

Most of the people I speak to as a coach and teacher are information marketers. For you,creating a certification program is imperative to building your business boosts your influence.

But let’s be clear…

A certification DOES NOT teach people how to do something. It simply verifies that the person has the knowledge and ability to offer their services.

So let’s look at 4 strategies that will help you build a strong Certification program for your business.

Four Strategies for Starting Your Own Cert Program

ModelProven Programs

Listen –Don’t start from scratch.

“Who else wants to boost your confidence and certainty when you enroll new people into your high end programs?”

Here’s Exactly What To Say >>


Use proven certification templates that work. Do a search (e.g. Bing, Yahoo, Google) for successful Certification programs.

Start with universities and colleges, and thenstudy their programs.

Add A Certification

Do you already have a “How-To” course?

Add a layer of ascension and create a certification program your clients can take after the “how-to” course.

 This gives your clients somewhere to ascend to after the course is finished. Now their effort and money are really going to be lucrative after they’re done with your course. There is a concrete ROI because your clients now have a certification.

 Certified Partners

Want to create more appeal for your certification course?

 Let prospects know that after they finish the course a JV partnership is waiting for them.

 After your students have taken the “how-to” course and gotten certified, they will be eligible to partner with you and take advantage of your lists while they promote you and your program.

 This will be a lucrative partnership for you both. It’s a true win-win.

 Sell Your Certification Program

Once you’ve gotten some JV certified partners why not sell them your certification program and throw in the “how-to” course for free?

That way, they can teach your course to their clients and prospects. This approach will create more JV partners for you too.


Pro Tip

Beta Test, Beta Test, Beta Test

I wrote that three times because three beta tests are the charm.

Yes, do at least 3 beta tests of your certification. Study and follow your students’ success after the program. You need unquestionable proof, not just testimonials.

You needcase studies proving that what you do works and is worthy of certification. Case studies will prove your program works and is successful for others.


Final Thought

It can be some work to put together a certification program.

 As an entrepreneur, it is also one of the most lucrative ways to grow your business and your partnerships. So the work is worth the effort.

 If a certification program is right for you, quit leaving money on the table and let people know you’ve got the confidence to call yourself an expert.


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