How Do I Repurpose My Content? Five Required Elements Of Repurposed Content

Repurposing your content is one of the best marketing strategies.

Hopefully you’re utilizing this practice in your business no matter what kind of business you have.

Repurposing content is for people who is serious about reaching new people on a regular basis.

But how do I repurpose my content? You ask.

Successful repurposing entails a strategy. Not just a strategy for when to publish, what to publish and where to publish.

You need a strategy for how to publish as well.

Below is a blueprint you can use for any repurposing you do whether it’s a tweet, a LI discussion post, or a podcast and anything else your creative mind can come up with.

Announce Your Date to Publish

When’s your next blog post, YouTube video, or podcast episode?

If you let someone anticipate that date, you will get more traction, more engagement.

You will give your followers something to look forward to consistently.

Successful Youtubers do this constantly in their videos. They say, “my next video is next Tuesday,” or “I put out new videos every Thursday, so look out for my next one!”

This is a very successful strategy.

It’s like a little movie trailer of coming attractions. Who doesn’t love a good trailer?

Announce Your Topic

Plan out your content using an editorial calendar.

Choose a topic and go deep on that topic.

Don’t just have a topic a week. Find ways to go deep, explore, and research each topic so your followers learn as much as you know.

Plus, it’s so much easier to focus on one topic for a while. So when you announce your coming attraction announce it with your topic and an attention-getting title. 

Choose An Enticing Title

Choose an enticing title. What’s the title of your next FB Live show, blog article, or Podcast episode?

Using an editorial calendar and SEO research will help you figure out your themes, topics, and titles well ahead of time.

It’s not only great planning but it will give people something to focus on. Even if you don’t know the title at the time of announcement, you can announce the topic and what you’ll be drilling down on with bullet points.

Entice Your Readers with A Sneak Peak

One way to create anticipation is to use bullet points.

Most marketers, sales professionals, and thought leaders don’t do this. They don’t put bait out to entice you or seduce you to read, watch, or listen.

Bullet points describe the topic and how you’re going to go deep with it.

If you go to you will see the topic announced, which is based on the theme from this month, along with three bullet points. The bullet points describe what we’ll cover on the next show.

They’re like little enticements to get you interested in what’s coming up.

Always Have a CTA

The first four elements are about how to announce your upcoming repurposing efforts.

This final element is something that needs to be included in each and every repurposing effort whether it’s a FB Live show, a YouTube video, a blog post, a tweet, a podcast episode, etc.

A Call-To-Action gives your followers an action step to take at the end of your show, blog post, or podcast. You need to direct your readers, listeners or viewers attention. Give them the next step.

Their next physical step to stay in contact with you or to opt-in to get a valuable tool you’re giving away.

For instance, right now I’d like you to text the word CALENDAR to (415)980-3555 and if you can’t do that, then simply go to

Never again will you ask, “how do I repurpose my content?”

This is my editorial calendar template. It will help you strategize your repurposing efforts for when, what, where and now HOW to repurpose your fabulous content. 

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