The Most Profitable Start-Up Business the World Has Never Known – Part 1


By Alex Mandossian

If you’ve never heard of Domaining, you’re in for a treat. Domaining is an Internet-based investment business you can start-up from scratch today. It offers the lowest risk and highest Returns-On-Investment (ROIs) of any business on earth, even during severe economic downturns.

With the right online marketing tools, your start-up costs as a professional Domainer can be as low as $10, and 500%+ ROIs are routine. Recently, my 11-year old son, Gabriel bought a domain for $9.95 and sold it for $50 just a week later!

What Is Domaining and Why Is It So Profitable?

Domaining is the cottage industry of buying and selling domain names. Similar to real estate investing, professional Domainers buy and sell virtual real estate for a profit.
Unlike the world of real estate investing, professional Domainers work in the virtual world and never worry about bank lending practices, prime rates, or economic down- turns. Domainers enjoy the advantage of creating their own economy!

Money-Making Methods

Method 1: Buy-and-Hold Strategy. Buying a domain is like buying “virtual land” where you build a website, just like developers build properties in the “offline” world. Buy-and-Hold Domainers purchase domains to build e-commerce websites that generate recurring and even passive income.

Method 2: Buy-and-Flip Strategy. Just like real world property “flipping,” pros in the Domaining world buy domains for low prices and re-sell them at higher prices.

How Profitable Can Domain Flipping Be?

If you’re skeptical about the ROI potential of Domaining, here are few transactions that’ll turn you into a believer: sold for $120,000 (7/11); sold for $13 million (11/10). sold for $1.5 million (9/05); sold for $150,000 (7/11); and let’s not forget misspelled domains like which sold for $160,000 in February of this year!

The 4 Different Types of Domains

If you’re starting to get more curious about what it takes to be a professional Domainer, it’s useful to know the 4 types of domains:

1) Geo Domains: domains you buy/hold or buy/flip in local market niches you can focus on if you’re a “vertical” marketing pro. I got a few years ago for $9.95 and have declined offers at $1,200!

2) Brand Domains: worldwide domain brands are or Niche centric brand domains are or

3) Product Domains: e-commerce sites that sell generic or branded products. These are buy-and-hold domains with developed websites generating recurring revenue like

4) Service Domains: local or national professional service domains are typically lead capture websites. A “lead generation” example is If you have a local service, you can combine a Geo and Service strategy to get targeted leads like

In Part 2 of this 2-part blog series, you’ll learn where to buy domains at rock bottom wholesale prices and how to resell or flip them for high-profit retail prices!

Please comment and share this post with your friends and colleagues. And, feel free to also share the Domaining software tool that automates the business for you, even if you’re an extreme beginner.

This Software Automates Domaining

It’s called Protrada and it’s the first and still only software tool that simplifies and automates Domaining so even an 11-year old can do it, is Protrada. And by special arrangement with CEO, Troy Rushton, you can find out if Domaining is the right business for you!

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One Comment

  • This is a great Idear! combined with a hangout or lifestream this could turn into profit fast
    Here is an example right out of my mind:
    1. You buy a domain.
    2. you have a lifestream or hangout with a lot of people watching it and you talk about that domain that you just bought.
    If there is enough interest I would setup some kind of life option where the highest bidder gets the domain:-)

    That would be fun!:-)

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