What Does It Mean To Be a Principle Centered Coach?


Learn 7 Powerful Decision Making Strategies from two of the world’s leading Principle Centered Coaches on How To Change Your Personal Development Plan and Avoid the “default life.”

Principle Centered Coach

What does it mean to be a Principle-Centered Coach?

Leadership is the opportunity for you to impact and influence the people around you. We lead by default, based on our routine habits. Good coaching can influence others and your drive as a leader can be fueled by having made other people’s days better for having interacted with you.

D. Luke Iorio asks the question “Who Leads?” And goes on to explain, that as coaches, where we lead from and where we coach from is all about who we are. It is the values that we have, the baggage that we have picked up and the experiences that we have endured in our lives as human beings.

Principle Centered Coaching

Why Is Being a Principle Centered Coach So Important? 

“If you go into a given moment and you don’t get quite the result that you’re looking for… Don’t worry because the next moment is probably moments away. It’s right there and you change those moments, you’re gonna change your day–you change your days, you change your future…” – D. Luke Iorio

Leadership is all about building a relationship, a rapport and trust with your people. D. Luke Iorio suggests that the more you coach the more that coaching becomes a matter of who you are and not just what you do. Leaders demonstrate their knowledge and a level of understanding that they have with the people that they believe in helping. These “relationship connections” that D. Luke Iorio recommends build trust and connection very quickly with the individuals or groups that you are speaking and interacting… Engaging with. Part of coaching is:

  • Building Buy-In
  • Growing our Own Personal Potential
  • Are We Fully In The Moment
  • Can they Engage Can they Embrace it
  • Can You Engage
  • Can You Embrace it

Ask yourself… What are the blocks that you can chip away at to bring the student fully in the moment?

Principle Centered Coaching for Entreprenuers

Marketing Online Tip: Find things to do in your dead time that include audio learning.

When coaching provide things like audio learning or dead-time learning vignettes for your clients and your audience to use at their convenience. Think audio books, podcasts, infographics, kindle and regular books… People commuting on a plane or train daily will read or listen on their dead-time. Follow the MarketingOnline.com Principle-Centered Coaching Method.

Avoid the “default life” that you will live into your future. Start thinking about your decisions now on a personal level. The default decisions that you make in your life will shape your ability to execute and achieve your goals. If your default decisions are secondary and not primary to your goals then your focus can leave you in a place where your goals are not met with ease.

“There is a big difference from being tactically centered or strategy centered versus being principally centered.” – Alex Mandossian

Learn more about powerful decision making strategies on MarketingOnline.com

How Does Great Coaching Work on a Step-by-Step Basis? 

Be aware and build your capacity to observe your engagement at any given moment of your life.

Prime-time Learning vs. Dead-time Learning

Don’t spend “Prime-time” hours learning.

Spend your dead-time learning things… While you go on a walk or while you are sitting in traffic, you can learn by listening to audio books or podcasts. Schedule your learning during your dead-time. Pre-plan what you will be learning in the dead-time in your daily life. Seize the opportunities for learning in your dead-time to avoid filling up your dead-time with wasteful things like watching TV or secondary information that are distractions from reaching your goals.

Avoid The Default Life

Seven Steps to Avoid the “Default Life”:

Step 1: Who you are goes into the process of the next 6 steps to get the results that you desire.

Step 2: Assess What Is. Get the full picture of what is going on.

Step 3: Exploring and Begin Creating Options.

Step 4: Choose and Commit to an Option.

Step 5: Break Things Down Working on a Plan. Start with the End Result in Mind.

Step 6: Take Action.

Step 7: Get feedback and measure your results.

Evaluate and close the loop.

The Values of Principle Centered Coaching

Step #1 is about “deeply understanding who you are, how you see the world, how you operate and how you engage.” – D. Luke Iorio

The value of being a coach is making a living while affecting people’s lives.

The coaching arena opens you up to so many options and media platforms to deliver your information and help people.

Personal Development Plan

3 Questions That Will Work for Any Coaching or Personal Life Growth Situation:

  1. What happened?
  2. What should have happened?
  3. How can I make it right?
Marketing Online Tip: These 3 Questions work very well for your business’s refund request process.

It never hurts to pause for a moment. Observe yourself and your engagement.

Pause for a moment… Build up the questions that build your dialogue whether it is in your book, at a seminar, on a Hangout. D. Luke Iorio recommends understanding who you are and optimizing yourself first. Make time in your life and choose to take the actions to grow yourself before you grow everyone else. Don’t let your dead-time get sucked away by selecting poor things to do with your default decisions. Instead plan your default decisions to spend time learning during your dead-time. Surround yourself with people that are 2 steps ahead of you. Lead by example and others will be attracted to follow you as a coach, a mentor, a peer, a partner, an employer or a colleague. Don’t miss out on the FREE Personal Development Plan your special gift from D. Luke Iorio and Marketing Online!

Get your free gift from D. Luke Iorio and his book: The 12 Talents Of Transformational Leaders Your special gift a FREE Personal Development Plan: marketingonline.com/12talents

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