How To Monetize Video


We want to help you succeed in business. By harnessing the power of virtual presentation you can learn from us exactly how to monetize video.

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How to Monetize Video

Specifically using Google Hangouts and YouTube videos….

BUT, even more specifically You Will:

  • Discover The Five Steps To Monetize Video using Google Hangouts
  • Learn To Avoid The 7 Embarrassing Mistakes Marketers Make
  • Learn The #1 REPURPOSING strategies to be wealthy at Video Monetization

What is the Anatomy of Video Monetization?
Identify the “container” or the context that we are talking about. Alex Mandossian explains that there are roots and there are fruits. Hangouts being the roots and the content or the content held inside the container of: Google Plus, Google Hangouts, Events, YouTube, etc. is the fruit.

Ask yourself (and be sure to write your answers down on a piece of paper with a pen):

What value can you bring to sell people on buying into the content that you share?

The Anatomy of Monetizing Video is really about the power of knowing that you can monetize Google Hangouts.

These 5 Ways To Monetize Google Videos are rock solid and they’re brought to you by Marketing Online and the MOL app:

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5 Ways To Monetize Google Hangouts

  1. Intention… The Intention is “What”
  2. Promise… This is the “Why”
  3. Schedule… “When” People Should Attend The Event
  4. Strategy… This is the “How”
  5. Partners… “What if” you had

Use your Why in Your Copy and your emails and your landing pages and in your swipe files. Your why is your promise. The subtitle should be the promise.

The “what” is the title and the “why” is the subtitle.

Have 3 Goals for Monetizing Video:

  • Minimum Goal
  • Target Goal
  • Outrageous Goal

A minimum goal might be have 10 attendees or have 50 attendees or it might be to sell 25 $7 products. A target goal may be in line with your best plan to target. For instance maybe if your minimum goal is to sell 25 units at $7, then maybe your target goal is to sell 100 units at $7. And, maybe that makes your outrageous goal to sell a $10,000 coaching package or 2,000 people in the $7 product. Perhaps your outrageous goal is to have 3 people that attend hire you to be their training mentor for $5,000. It is important to have more than 1 goal and we recommend 3 goals. An acronym for that is MTO, which stands for: Minimum, Target and Outrageous goals. Set your outrageous goal so high that it is reaching for moon.

If I am teaching a Facebook training course for business, as an example, then I could invite people in my circle lists that are: social media managers, marketers, advertising people, local business, etc. If I am teaching you how to become a Master Virtual Presenter, which is what we specialize in here at Marketing Online. Because we’ve been doing virtual presentation since 1988 and we have well over 22,000 hours of time spent in our careers as Virtual Presenters.

How To Monetize Videos

We have literally helped thousands of our clients become exceptionally good at Virtual Presentation. Check out some of our Testimonials on We’re here to make you exceptional at Virtual Presentation because we know how powerful great Virtual Presentation skills are when it comes it increasing your reach digitally and making more sales for your business online. You are the message and the image of your brand, whether it’s The Brand Called You or a company that you are working for and represent online. Deliver your message in Google Plus posts and on live Google Hangouts “On Air.”

Another important factor in monetizing Google Hangouts is being anecdotal and likable and sharing in stories along with the information and the enlightenment that you bring as the host. Your Google Hangout should be structured in a way that can fulfill your needs as the presenter while serving the wants, needs and desires of the audience or the market that you are speaking to. The market can only buy in if they understand what it is and why. As the virtual presenter your message should be clear & concise and you need to be speaking to the right market.

Let me give you an example:
A dentist may know what a landscaper does for a living and they could speak to only landscapers on Google Hangouts, but isn’t their market really families in the local community that have multiple mouths in the home needing work done on their teeth throughout the year?

While a dentist could just market their message on Google+ “Hangouts On Air” to landscapers and landscaping companies, or even attorneys and only divorce attorneys. Why would they?

They wouldn’t. In most cases they would not be so narrow.

Knowing that you are speaking to the right market is important when delivering a message on video. If it is not the right audience then chances are they do not care. Landscapers are not the right market for a dentist doing Google Hangouts but they are if you sell lawn mower repair supplies and equipment. Or if you’re a city/state official looking to reach all the landscaping companies in your area to spread the message of water conservation and sprinkler water run off. Then the landscaping community that has a presence on Google Plus is the right target market for the message. The message that you create and spread must be to the right people and it MUST be clear & concise so that they can get it and take action. That is how you can reach your goals.

If you were shooting a bow and arrow but facing the sky and not the target would you ever have a chance of reaching your goal of hitting the target with your arrow?

Not taking the time to choose the right market and the right message is the biggest reason that trip and fail forward or get stuck and give up. Or get there and flop.

Secrets To Monetizing Video

How To Monetize Video

Don’t flop, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes as well as other people’s mistakes but don’t cut the corners when it comes to choosing the right target message for the right market. If you sell industrial vacuum supplies circle the people on Google Plus that are in Your Niche. Segment your circles by categories or interests or even job titles. Spend the time on Google+ hunting for the right prospects and add them to circles like: Executives, Sales Managers, Clients, Industry Experts, etc. Or by niche: web developers, designers, programmers, attorneys, real estate agents, brokers, ad agencies, etc. Or Karate schools, car washes, and local restaurants. That way you can invite one or more circle groups onto your Hangout when you create the title and description to go live “On Air.”

Circles can let you segment to create and invite specific circle groups onto your Google Hangout presentation anytime because they have been “Circled” by you in your Google Plus account. It is important to note that you can do so many things with Google Plus and nearly every Google product integrates together in one or more ways to make your internet experience great. Google loves when you use their stuff. Now we are not selling you Google, but think for a moment about the power of Google. They are both the king and the queen of traffic with Google Search and YouTube accounting for the greater majority of all search traffic online. That being said…

Doesn’t it make sense to play with their toys? They built it for us to use and their goal is to make the internet a better place. That is our goal to as serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Would you agree that Google would reward us for using one of their products like Google Hangouts? And, what if we were also using Google Plus to circle people that we wanted to connect or engage with. We can all say definitively that they would not penalize you for using Google+ or Google Circles or Google Hangouts.

And, the same goes for YouTube. Every Google Hangout that you make will be published onto your YouTube channel automatically after the Hangout is over. Google wants you to spread your content to the platforms that they own where your audience can and prefers to consume it.

Making Money with Google

Each piece of the puzzle gives Google more information and gets more connected to you. It sees what people are browsing, it keeps their history and it connects the dots behind the scenes to better see the circle connections that each Google Plus user has made. If you haven’t completely logged out of your Gmail and Google Accounts and then clear all browsing history and cookie data twice, then you are being served altered results, ads and information that is “skewed” based on the actions that Google has learned you prefer to have a better experience.

Why do I tell you this?

Well it isn’t to scare you, although it can be a bit scary for some people to think about at times. The reason that I bring this up is because, if Google is constantly changing more of what we see based on the friends that we chat with on Google Hangouts, the email addresses associated with those accounts. They connect what we searched for with what retargeting ads might show next because we may have clicked and did not buy something from a website. You see it is great that Google is doing this if you are active and circling people. The more connection and engagement that you can have with people using gmail, the less that SEO will matter and the more that personal connection and a personally delivered user experience will be her. It is already upon us. If you think in terms of the speed of technology. Google may be less than 10 years away from artificial intelligence at a very real and functioning level. Way ahead of where it is at now. The more products that you use of Google owned properties and the more relevant content that you connect with, engage with and circle or plus one, all of a sudden out of nowhere your marketing presence online to your local or national “inner circle” will seem massive to those connected to you in circles.

Google loves good content and they will never penalize you for making the internet a better place or for using the products that they have created for us to use. They may and often do change or get rid of products that they once gave to us, thou hast taketh away on more than one occasion. And I guess that is why you could call them the little “G.”

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One of the most powerful things about Google Hangouts is that there is no opt-in required for your audience or your partners that invite their audience to attend and you can see how many people are attending the Hangout when you are live in broadcast. If a person is circled on Google+ then they can be invited to attend a Hangout. The same goes for your partners…

If you have partners with audiences of people circled on Google Plus, they can also invite people to your live event on Google Hangouts with no opt-in required.

Step #5 in Monetizing Your Google Hangouts is Partners and that is important. It helps to have a guest on your show and they can invite their tribe. It helps you reach your three goals much easier and you can expand your circles much faster by being introduced to the audience as a 3rd party endorsement versus having to be the only one inviting people on your live stream Google Hangout events. Your partners are not forced to mail their list (while it is recommend) they can simply mail their Circles on Google Plus.

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