Networking Tips for a Networking Business Mindset


My guest today is the world’s most networked man. “Mistakes are great. The more I make the smarter I get.”
– Buckminster Fuller

The daily rituals that you have should apply to the every day success that you have throughout your life.

Networking Tips for Networking Business

NETWORKING Business… Belly to Belly or video conference, teleseminars, phone calls, live events, webinars… Professional Networking, the actual networking business makes all the difference in your opportunities and not only reaching but: exceeding your goals beyond your wildest dreams to what we like to call an outrageous goal.

We teach this 3 Goal Structure to our students at Marketing Online so that they can achieve more outrageous goals and less of their target and minimum goal requirements.

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Business Networking Guru - Ivan Misner

Professional Networking is the topic of discussion and a special close friend of Marketing Online is here to share the Principles of Networking Business, Dr. Ivan Misner. Dr. Ivan Misner has actually been interviewed by Alex Mandossian, CEO Marketing Online a total of 23 times and Ivan is the world’s most networked man.

This one hour training session brought to you by Marketing Online is for you if you are a business networker, no matter if you’re an expert at business networking or you are a beginner, or you are somewhere in between. This training is for you and stay right there to watch it now:

Networking Tips

The key to networking is surrounding yourself with the people that are more successful than ourselves. Networking business is an occurrence that should happen on a regular basis each week to reach the larger circles that the most successful people that you can find play in. Spend time networking with those people. Reach the powers in the greatest circles of influence.

“Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. It’s about cultivating relationships with people.” – Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI – Business Networking International

Networking is a constant and should be treated as a growing oak tree. The Oak Tree should take over 20 years to mature. The best time to plant that tree is 25 years ago and so if you haven’t planted your oak tree seed to grow into your personal tree of knowledge, then now is the best time to do so. Planting your feet in a networking group is something that you can count on when business gets slow.

Networking is not something that should be put-off until you are slow. Each week you can be networking by attending one or more events, and meeting 3 or more people that you do not already know. Connect with people that are like minded and can complement your skills or share in your target customer demographic.

What Is Business Networking

Connecting with people on a regular basis and doing the 1-on-1 time and consults with them can really help you succeed. Those are the interactions that build rapport and trust with our colleagues. The trust is what creates a stronger network… One that may start out as thin as a spider web and become a strong enough net that it can support and carry a load of potatoes like a burlap sack. Networking is your cargo net of leads. The cargo net should support the load of people in your networking circles. It should be woven tightly to prevent good qualified leads that you have already delivered value and established trust with from falling through the cracks. Not all people are your leads and nobody that attended the event came to buy anything. They all just came to sell something. That is why being a great listener can help you begin your VCP Process and ultimately result in you networking business for your future.

Business Professional Networking

Ivan Misner recommends listening for the language of referrals. To do that you have to listen with with your Reptilian Activating Signals, similar to what is defined by Clotaire Rapaille as the Reptilian Mind or Reptilian Marketing. Only in the case–this sense of the description the meaning of the Reptilian Activating Signals, is that you can begin sensing the buzzwords that are there but often overlooked. Those indicators can lead to referrals and sales or continued relationship development with the person or people that you are cultivating relationships with at the events.

Ivan Misner shares some of the words that he often hears at networking events….

  • I can’t
  • I need
  • I want
  • I don’t know

These words are the signal that whatever is said next is actually a referral for somebody.

Ivan Misner called this “listening for the language of referral.”

At we teach the Bamboo Principal for Business Networking. 

Professional Business Networking

If you stop planting Bamboo then you will end up with what we call the Water Pump Principle:

Ivan reminds us that the grass isn’t greener on the other side… It’s greener where you water it… The Water Pump Principle is that once you begin to pump the water you cannot stop pumping or the water level as it rises in the pipe always goes back down to the water pocket.

If you pump, pump and pump and then after the water breaks to the surface and out the pump spout you keep it flowing. The idea is to keep pumping the water and keep the water flowing.

Networking Tips and Skills for Business Owners

Well, the same goes for networking and business networking. Once you begin, you have to keep pumping. Don’t ever stop. Especially if you are one or more of the following:

  • Author
  • Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Coach Brick & Mortar Business Owner
  • Mentor
  • Online Marketer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Virtual Presenter
  • Salesperson
  • Business Owner
  • Student
  • Any of the Above

VCP Process:

  1. What Is It?
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. Why Is It Important?

Visibility. Credibility. Profitability.

Visibility is when people know who you are and they know what you do.

Credibility is visibility and the also know that you are good at it.

Profitability can only come after you have established Visibility & Credibility and it comes in the form of reciprocal referrals via the networking groups and the circles of influence that you engage in. Remember that it must be in that order: Visibility. Credibility. Profitability.

Marketing Online Tip: Once you start pumping up the flow of your network you must never stop.

To be successful you need to do the things that work for the people that are successful. As Ivan Misner goes on to say “do it like a dog with a bone.”

At Marketing Online we teach our Serial Entrepreneurs and our Tribe of Brick & Mortar Business Owners that are our students that if they want to get more sales from high end clients, that they need to first become a high end client and that is why we offer everyone that is listening and everyone that is watching a chance to become a high end client of ours here at Marketing Online by visiting our Online Marketing Assessment:

Ivan Misner recommends that a good networker has two ears and one mouth and that he or she should use them both proportionately. The best way to start a conversation is to ask a question and be a great listener. Make it about them. People love to talk about themselves.

If they like you and they are open to sharing with you and conversing with you then you are already building up trust with people. Be like the highest achievers and look at the payoff versus the priority. Payoffs are not always in financial form. Sometimes the payoffs that you receive are referrals that lead to sales and new connections that you can use to expand your circles and your networks.

Ivan Misner tells the Marketing Online Tribe that the sweetspot for networking is 8 hours per week. That could be three networking events or online networking seminars where you actually meet people and listen to what they do… And, you wait for the Reptilian Activating Signals… A.k.a. The language of referrals. Start making the time to pump the pump and don’t stop pumping the marketing pump…

Networking Skills

The relevance of your hub and where you are driving the traffic online should fit the audience that you are speaking to and take place on the platforms or the websites that they like spending their time on. The relevance of business networking to the actual amount of qualified leads that you can receive and sales that your business can make is immeasurable, as long as you keep pumping.

Business networking is about the relationships and the value that we deliver to build our “V” before we build our “C” or our “P” then we can count on that seed to grow for the future.

The way that a business can achieve success is getting back to the fundamentals and executing them flawlessly. “Like a dog with a bone.” – Ivan Misner Ivan says “it’s not what you know or who you know… It is how well do you know each other?” Networking skills are something that comes with time and practice using the Networking Tips that Ivan Misner has shared with us here today. Networking Tips for Networking Business people, salespeople, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and Serial Entrepreneurs alike… It all starts with using the fundamental networking tips shared here by Ivan Misner on Marketing Online.

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