How To Become A Better Communicator


Become a better communicator

Improving Communication Skills

To Become a Great Communicator running your own business requires following each and every step that we teach in this post. As a business owner, whether you are a brick-and-mortar business owner or a serial entrepreneur, improving your communication skills will allow you to create the Community first and the Product second.

Monetizing your list or the audience should not be the first priority. First sell people on the value you can bring and the impact that you can have on their life, that will allow them to in turn buy-in to you second.

First sell value, them buying comes second!

The following Philosophies that we teach our tribe will allow you to do a better job running your own business, become a better decision maker and ultimately you will learn how to become a better communicator.

Becoming A Better Communicator

Improving Communication Skills

The second communication philosophy is: Communities Before Products 

Build communities of fans and share the knowledge and expertise that you have with those loyal followers. Help them overcome the obstacles and pain points common among all the members of the audience. The idea is to serve the people interested in your content and expertise with the information that they are looking for. Long before you try and sell them anything… Long before you create products.

It pays to have the audience first because they will tell you what they need help with and you can create the product to serve the needs each of them shares based on the feedback you get from them. It pays to have the audience first because those are the first people most likely and interested, that trust you already, to make a purchase of your product. Don’t get it wrong, Build Communities before building your products.

“A great marketer builds the community first and the product afterwards.” – Alex Mandossian

Being a Great Communicator takes time, patience and the talents that we can teach to you here at  <<  Kickstart Your Business Into High Growth Mode

Running Your Own Business

Improve Your Communication Skills

The third Marketing Online Philosophy: Seek Community Drivers and Stars

Leadership is overrated. Your first followers will evangelize you. They will become your advocates. These three philosophies make good marketers great and they will make you a far better communicator online when you are marketing your business. Drivers drive people to do things. Stars are drivers that attract other drivers.

If you are an entrepreneur running your own business then you are likely  a star and possibly still or at one time a driver. Drivers drive the audience to you and they drive the bus so that you can keep focused on the road map of where to lead  your business and your people. Drivers drive but they never drive and look at the map.

Running your own business find the drivers for your business needs and forge the partnerships that you desire to have in your business by becoming a better communicator with your audience, family, partners and friends.

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