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In every business we as the leaders or the employees must come to the table with great business communication skills. Part of that is communication and the second half of that is delivering on the expectations that you have set. The old cliche “under promise and over deliver” is actually a great rule to live by. What does that have to do with your business communication skills? Well I am glad you were thinking that… What you communicate: visually with body language, verbally with a promise or communication and physically in the work you produce will allow you to do one of two things: Under Promise and Over Deliver, or Over promise and under deliver. Take my advice, it is always better to give the first one and never the second.

Business Communication Skills

When you are running a business you are really driving the bus. If you are the bus driver then you should not have the map in hand. No one drives and looks at the big fold out map at the same time. You will crash. In business you need to hire and delegate drivers. Sandra Bravo and Sue Sierra are two of the drivers here at Marketing Online.

What Makes Our Business Communication Skills Work

Sandra Bravo started Amasssing because her accent had many people organically speaking to her using the accent and organically it caught on quite fast that she was known as Amasssing. In this case Sandra has embraced the accent tease that everyone would approach her with and turned it into a mastermind for women that want to achieve more in their life and their business.

The elements of building a community:

The number one question that needs to be answered before you can build a community is who are you marketing to? You must identify the niche and you have to know the customer as well as their needs. Those elements that we teach here at Marketing Online happen on the every Friday morning. 

Determine what you are really, really good at. Start by setting a limit for the event or amount of participants. Perhaps you start with 7 people, 70 people or somewhere in between? Sandra started with seven people at $197 for an exclusive weekend and she is teaching leadership and business leadership coaching for women. Her next event has grown to 25 people limit and she has already sold 12 organically without an invite based on the word-of-mouth and the returning customers that are attending.

Business Success Training

In her second event Sandra Bravo changed the pricing structure. This time she had offered, if you bring a lady that meets the criteria then your ticket is free. Sandra also had a special offer that if one registrant to her Amasssing event brought three ladies that met the criteria, she would give them a keynote spot to speak (provided the content was approved).

Business Success

Business success to host your own live event is a great way to start small (after you have presence in your community) and you can accelerate your business by enlisting some first time buyers that get results and become your biggest advocates.

Think of your live event like a stack of cards. How tall can you stack cards? Think of your business, even if you do not sell or host live event offers. What players can you put in the deck to allow you to win as many hands as possible? If the cards represent people then you want to stack cards in multiples… Building a service business requires having multiple cards to play. Each one is their own driver and together they make a hand that can be played to bring in the profits. Here at Marketing Online, we teach our students to start small and get big.

What we will show you today:

  • Discover the 4 Ways to Play in a Winnable Partnership
  • Avoid the 3 types of Upsets That Trigger Partner Breakups
  • Learn the 2 Weekly Rituals That Can Influence Wild Success

Marketing Online shares:

Business Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs

Discover the 4 Ways to Play in a Winnable Partnership

Pretend To Play =(

Refuse To Play = w

Play Not To Loose = l

Play To Win = )

Avoid the 3 types of Upsets That Trigger Partner Breakups: Sandra Bravo references her own experiences and feelings that occur when she faces unmet expectations.

Which leads us to the second type of “upset…” When you connect with someone and make a declaration or arrangement but things don’t go as planned.

The third type of upset in partnerships is “Missed Communication.” Many people call this miscommunication but at Marketing Online we teach it as “Missed Communication” as in a missed opportunity or when you send a message and the receiver does not receive the same message that you have stated or communicated.

Sandra Bravo stated that she often teaches in groups of three and that the reason behind teaching in three’s is there can be one leader, one listener and one observer that can communicate to both parties where or if there was a communication breakdown.

Download our Marketing Online Complementary Next: Learn the 2 Weekly Rituals That Can Influence Wild Success 15 minute wake up ritual a.k.a. the 900 second wake up ritual. 15 minute bedtime ritual a.k.a. the 900 second bedtime ritual.

Alex Mandossian’s advice is to “Bookend Your Days To Produce Breakthroughs.” Sandra Bravo says that she started by targeting women that she knew and specifically ones that were at the level that she was looking for.

5 Elements Of Developing Your Offer Limit the people that can participate in making the purchase. The first members should be rewarded with possibly a free ticket to the next event if they bring another that is a fit for the group. Or they might be given lifetime access to a future course that is coming out.

There are many ways to offer perks to your charter members. Charter members meaning that they have taken the first voyage with you. Your charter members should come on their own free will. Those are your first followers. Treat them like gold… Invest in them and they will become your brand advocates. Entice your first followers to buy and buy again with special offers. The trick with making these offers grow from some to many is to start low with a low barrier of entry and then each new event that you have can be increased ticket pricing. You can reward your charter members with free entry to their next event as Sandra had done and that allowed her to raise the pricing and offer 2 bonuses to her charter members: Attend the Next Event for FREE if you bring a guest at regular price of $497 Take the Stage at the Next Event if you bring 3 guests at regular price (pending approval) Lead everyone in the right direction and let them run for it as you lead from behind. 

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