How to Launch A Product


How To Launch A Product with a Seed Launch

How To Launch A Product

Your Product Launch Strategy should emulate ours… We learned it from the master of Product Launching himself, Jeff Walker using his proven system called the Product Launch Formula. Jeff has pioneered the product launching and he does it using one of the few proven methods. In this example we are talking about the first step in Jeff Walker’s product launch checklist and it is called the “Seed Launch.”

Product Launch Checklist

The first box that you need to check off in your product launch is: What will your product be about and more importantly who is it for? As you get closer to launch day you will need to create a landing page with a cart page for purchase but the idea here is not to get very deep into making the product. More so, find the audience that wants to buy the product you plan to sell them and use the “Seed Launch” to sell a “beta version” of the future product.

The Seed Launch sales to your Beta Members will allow you to:

  • Make A Profit Before The Product Is Created/Completed
  • Build Social Awareness for The Product On It’s Next Coming Soon Open Cart
  • Enlist Members That Can Help You Perfect The Product They Want
  • Get Results for Your Beta Members To Brag About Later In The Launch
  • Build Up Rapport With Members To Potentially Make Them Affiliates

By not having a seed launch:

  1. Your product may not be the best it could be.
  2. Your sales are far less likely to be great for the actual launch later.
  3. You will have less advocates supporting you and the product you are selling.
  4. You are not following Jeff Walker’s Proven System for Product Launching.
  5. You cannot point to the success of beta members that you did not create.

The ideal scenario would be to sell your product as a seed launch to about 40 or so beta members. Those beta members can help you perfect the content that you are selling in the product and that is how launching a product can become a success!

Product Launch Checklist

Without the beta members you are actually trying to sell your final product to the audience with no results and no beta members “success stories or testimonials” for your product launch.

Don’t skip the seed launch in your product launch strategy! It is a vital element in your product launch marketing plan. First sell the seed launch, than beta test and perfect, and then you can promote the product introduction for launching a product.

Ready-Aim Product Launching

And, it doesn’t matter if it is a live event or an info product that you’re launching. The seed launch applies to either. Think of it like this. Would it be more or less beneficial to do a beta test before renting an expensive conference room in a hotel for a 3 day event? How likely are you to fail if you try and sign up cold traffic to attend a live event without first doing a beta launch called your “Seed Launch” to determine what people want to buy and what info the product or live event should include. Without the seed launch you are far less likely to succeed.

The Product Launch Marketing Plan is far more likely to be successful by first having a seed launch!

Launching A Product

Now that you are committed to launching a product start with the product launch checklist. Some of the items include:

  • What Is It About
  • Who Is The Audience
  • How Will You Promote The Beta “Seed Launch”
  • How Many Beta Spots Are Available for Purchase
  • How Will The Content Be Distributed
  • How Often Will It Be Distributed
  • What Methods and System Do You Have In Place To Get Feedback from the Beta Testers
  • Will You Need Support for the Members
  • What Type of Support Will You Need
  • Will You Be Using A Protected Membership Website With Members Area Content
  • What Cart Processing Service Will You Use
  • Do You Need To Have The Ability To Sell with Affiliates
  • How Will They Get Paid

NOW You’re Ready to Begin With The Basics of the SEED LAUNCH process… This product launch strategy is the #1 way to launching a product. Follow the product launch checklist and you’re sure to see that your product launch marketing plan is a winning formula.

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