How To Get Reviews for a Service Business


Getting Reviews Online for success coaching

Getting Reviews may be one of the single most important aspects of growing your SERVICE business… What Is A Service Business and who is in one? Everyone… Each and every business is in the service business, just like each and every service business is in the marketing business. Remember that if you are not growing, then you’re business is dying and we don’t want to see you go the wrong direction enthusiastically.

Getting Reviews for Your Business

Reviews for any business, including: success coaching, serial entrepreneurs, brick-and-mortar business owners, authors, speakers, you name it businesses… Reviews are very important. In reality it is a must have and we want to share with you the single best way to get reviews–Ask immediately upon the close. That is the point when they are the happiest and the most enthusiastic. Troy Howard calls this his “On The Spot” proven method for getting reviews and in fact the likelihood of getting a review more than 24 hours after the experience is less than desired and it gets even worse for each day. By 72 hours you have almost no chance of getting a review, certainly not a good-to-great one.

Principles of Capturing Heart Centered Reviews:

  • DISCOVER the 5 strategies to get AUTHENTIC reviews from clients (and prospects)
  • Avoid the 3 credibility-decaying mistakes that make reviews perceived as INAUTHENTIC
  • Learn 4 quick and easy ways to get more reviews and testimonials with a brand new killer APP Marketing Online brings you Troy Howard!

Let us show you how to get more reviews for your Service Business. Troy Howard knows all about reviews. What if you want more reviews? What would you do?

After people have learned from you and been served by you, or your business, we want them to be moved by you in such an extraordinary way that “your customers” and “your prospects” are compelled to tell others by “word of mouse.”

How To Get Reviews:

Troy Howard has created an app called So Tell Us and we are talking about What gives Troy Howard the right to tell us about getting reviews? Troy is also a small business owner and he dedicated 2 years creating his app and used it for his business locally. With massive success using the review app So Tell Me, he has made it available to you.

Would it be valuable if you had a dependable and consistent way for getting Authentic Reviews for yourself or your business… Would that be something that you are interested in? If the answer is “AppSolutely!” Great! Let’s get started showing you How To Get Reviews.

Here are 12 Websites that You Can Get Reviews Online:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Zillow
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Home Advisor
  • TripAdvisor
  • YELP
  • Angie’s List
  • So Tell Me APP

Do you currently have a simple and effective way to get reviews? Here are 5 Key Points:

How To Get Reviews Online

3 Things Reviews Should Be:

  1. Effective for Prospects
  2. Efficient for the Process
  3. Simple for People To Find and Complete

Elements for Authentic Reviews

Elements for Authentic Reviews: A review that has come by a third party review, where it cannot be controlled by your company are “Authentic Reviews.” Reviews can kill or sustain a business. There is nothing worse than an anonymous review, be real and make it personal. Ask the person that is giving the review to be as specific and detailed as possible. Ask for the review “On The Spot.” By asking for a review using Troy Howard’s “On The Spot” technique you will get more specific reviews, better quality personal reviews and you will collect more. Make It easy for customers to give you a review. Have the links on your website to make it as easy as possible for them to review you after the transaction closes.

How To Get Reviews from Your Website

Get them to do it with an authentic face profile photo so that it is real and believable. As we say again and again to our tribe here at Marketing Online “the information age is over, there is too much information. We are now in the recommendation age” and that’s why reviews are so important and that is why reviews can KILL or SUSTAIN your business and how it grows. The best thing that you can do now is follow the new system that we have adopted, learned from Troy Howard. Make it real and make it authentic.

To get reviews make it very easy for the user to navigate to a page on your website where they can click onto any site you would like them to find for your review. Perhaps: Your Website.etc/REVIEW and/or Website.etc/REVIEWs are great go-to web page links for you to send customers and people you have helped in order for them to easily find and efficiently write you a review.

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