Proven Ways to Attract High End Clients


Every serial entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author and trainer wants to find ways to get more High End Clients. At Marketing Online we did millions of dollars in sales last year and a very large portion of that number was selling our services, such as one-on-one training, to high end clients.

Proven Ways To Get High End Clients

3 Proven Ways To Attract New High End Clients

This method of reaching 7 and 8 figure sales goals was not by accident (in fact we have been growing year over year for decades) using these 3 proven ways to attract high end clients. We want you to follow these proven methods so that you can be even more successful than we have been using these principles.

How to get more clients for my business:

1.  Know what you are worth. What is your time worth?

2. Don’t sell from a standpoint of “Return On Investment” (ROI), sell based on their “Cost Of In-Action” (COI).

3. Start with your highest ticket item and down-sell. It is always easier to down-sell than to up-sell.

Marketing To High End Clients

5 Ways To Attract High End Clients

  • Have a weekly show that makes you the Master Virtual Presenter in your industry
  • Develop an email sequence built with INDOCTRINATION as the #1 objective
  • Give before asking to take. Deliver value first, ALWAYS
  • “Remember that you’re not as good as you think you are, You’re Better
  • Be confident and “A.B.N.” –Always Be Networking

If your goal is to attract High End Clients your business should be at it’s tops and “your game” so to speak should be tight and in-order. You cannot market yourself easily as a high end coach, mentor or trainer unless you have the stature to back it up. Your business as an author, speaker, coach, mentor, trainer, consultant and so on, is highly dependent on how organized and productive that your business runs. Whether it be your schedule or the schedules and productivity of your team.

Get High End Clients

The ability for your or your brand to sell High End Clients and attract more prospective high end clients is largely dependent on EXPOSURE.

High End Clients

Other factors for attracting high end clients, include: credibility, recommendation, reviews and how well you manage and deliver on the expectations in the relationships with your existing clients as well as, your high end clients.

The most productive ways to attract high end clients are following the same principles and practices that we use and train you how to use, here at Marketing Online. Are your goals aligned with your mind’s eye?

Imagine yourself as the Master Virtual Presenter… Broadcasting your brilliance and attracting high end clients to you and your business every day. Imagine that you have identified the format and the platform that your audience chooses to watch, read or listen to you, each and every week.

Imagine that platform being a hub. A hub that goes in and out each week, continuing to bring you high end clients. Now imagine the hub is “home-base.” The hub is the place that all your fans and members of your tribe and all the new high end clients that you attract are drawn to. You are the master virtual presenter and you are the master of your hub. Your fans love it and the people of your tribe also love it.

You have the ability to SHIFT your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE…

You have the ability to let the shuttle bring in the high end clients to your hub, that central location where people that heard of you, fans of your weekly show and the loyal tribe members can go to. That is where you are headed. To a place where you can SHIFT your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE. I will see you there click here to shift your business into HIGH GROWTH MODE now.

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