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Professional Bio Writer

Writing a Professional Bio

We are joined on the call today with our guest, Nancy Juetten. Nancy has worked with many well known CEOs of major brands and she discovered early on that their Bio’s were boring and ultimately they were overlooking the importance of having a great bio for themselves. Nancy Juetten went on to publish a book called “Bye Bye Boring Bio” which led her to selling the book worldwide. Business people around the globe are adopting the Bye Bye Boring Bio tips and systems and the training from Nancy Juetten because she has taught them that in the new media age your bio matters. Nancy is a bio writer.

Your Business Bio Is the first written introduction of you and it should show your personality while it tells “WHY you are unique and what is special about you.”

As a Bio Writer, Nancy says your bio should speak your “wow” in specific and terrific terms.

Write A Bio

Stick around so that you can see the short bio example that Alex and Nancy made for “The Productivity Guy.” We’re going to show you how to write a bio and provide you with professional bio samples, as well as, a short bio template that you can model to take action and say goodbye to the “boring bio.”

So What is a Boring Bio? Nancy Juetten says that terms like: Author, Speaker and Coach are titles… Generic labels or hats that you wear, but that does not invite opportunity. As a Bio Writer Nancy wants your bio to attract the clients with the right words!

Actions speak in the words that are used in your bio. Nancy recommends including the words that make you unique when you write a bio for yourself.  If you are writing a professional bio for someone else focus on including the “wow” words, not the descriptive terms. Your business bio should tell the reader things that paint a mental picture as it is read. Remember that to be memorable and to teach people it is always wise to lead with a story. Those same principles of story telling apply to painting pictures for the reader in your business bio.

As a bio writer, Nancy highly recommends always have a call to action that compels people to contact you for the services or products that you sell as a business professional. Everything that is in your bio can be refreshed at least once every six months. Nancy Juetten says “go to your website as if you were someone that is looking for your services and see if you think your bio is creative and great… Or boring… And needs updating?”

Marketing Online Tip: Use a stoic label in your title, something that personifies who you are and what you are manifesting to become.

For myself, I am the World’s Foremost Master Virtual Presenter with over 24,000 hours of Virtual Presentation time. The title of my Bio states: Alex Mandossian “The World’s Leading Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers.” Furthermore, in my subtitle I have chosen to continue on from what my title says, writing: “Who Are 100% Committed to Growing their Skill-sets, Heart-Sets, Mindsets and Balance Sheets to Millions… Faster, Better and Easier.

Write A Business Bio That Wows

Professional Bio Samples

We have dramatically completed a makeover on my personal existing bio and some of what we included now are the following elements: Start with a Sassy Sound-bite Succinct Stunning Story, Something Personal About You that is Memorable. Write Your Business Bio using this PROVEN Short Bio Template given to us by bio writer Nancy Juetten. Preview my newest bio here: Your bio should not be boring… It should be memorable.

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