Principles Of Direct Selling Online – To Sell Is Human


Network Marketing has a stigma about it that does not reflect well among the online marketing industry as a whole. We prefer to think of network marketing as direct selling and what we are talking about today is how traditional online marketing and network marketing have a large overlap.

What Is Online Marketing?

Direct Selling Online

Generally speaking, Marketing Online is always offering our weekly complementary training where we teach you to Broadcast Your Brilliance just as we do every Friday. Each week we share with you the many methods and ways to get more reach, more exposure and make more money in your business using the same techniques that we implement here at Marketing Online. If you want to be the expert then you should have a weekly show and the best way to do that is by using a preferred platform of communication with your audience. We use Hangouts a.k.a. Google Hangouts along with a syndication process to:

  • Hangouts On Air
  • YouTube LIVE
  • LinkedIn
  • The MOL app  << Marketing Online App
  • Our Blog
  • And more…

The more places that your target audience is hanging out from the better. It is wise to choose the platforms that they like to be on or places that they are already hanging out online to consume content.

It could be and is not limited to any of the above listed, along with websites like:

  • Blab
  • Twitter
  • Periscope
  • SnapChat
  • MeetUp (live meet in-person events)
  • Etc.

What Is Network Marketing?

In the traditional sense of the term “network marketing” many people would describe it as “MLM” or “multi-level marketing” but we like to think of it as direct selling. And, we feel that direct selling take place online as a marketer each time that you engage your audience and use technology to gain Push Button Influence. So whether you actually sell an “MLM” product or you like to do belly-to-belly marketing what we want you to realize is both career paths include the “network” and the element of “marketing” to drive interest, traffic, engagement, enrollment and sales, which is why we call it direct selling!

Why we call it Direct Selling?

Direct selling being you the expert using technology to reach more like-minded people that want to learn your craft. It in no way mean you should or need to become an “MLM” sales person. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business owner, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, trainer, coach, etc. Direct Selling can happen from the internet by broadcasting your expertise and your message to the right target audience, whether you are selling physical products, information products, services or more than one.

Direct selling happens each time you engage and communicate your brilliance to the target audience looking to buy what you have to offer. When we say “buy” a sale is made and it doesn’t necessarily mean money exchanges hands. As Daniel Pink says in his book “To Sell Is Human.” We are all direct selling with our prospects and customers each and every day. If you are in a customer service role, a sales role, if you are a golf course instructor, a pizza delivery driver, etc. you all have the opportunity to interact with prospects and customers. Those interactions can leave a lasting impression on the people that engage or come in contact with your company. Each time an interaction takes place a sale is made.

Principles of Direct Selling

For example let’s pretend you are on Facebook and you see an ad to learn 5 ways to do “x” thing of interest to you… The moment that you click on this imaginary ad you can made a commitment and two sales were made. At the click of the button Facebook made a sale on the ad and by clicking the ad sold you on why to click.

A sale was made. If you are a golf course instructor and you broadcast a weekly show about how to hit the many different types of golf shots in the game, you are broadcasting your brilliance to people that want to learn how to play golf as good or better than you the “golf course instructor.” If you are a plumber with a local plumbing company and you have a weekly show, you are broadcasting your expertise on how to do plumbing repairs and the like. In both examples your show is the medium that allows you to reach the audience and sell them. Again, a sale could be: they watch your show and complete your next desired call-to-action. A sale could be they listen to what you have shown them and take action. A sale could be that they buy from you.

While direct selling can and does happen in the daily career path of a “network marketer” those sales opportunities also happen everywhere each and every day for all service businesses.

What is a service business?

We all are in the service business! AT&T is in the service business. Marketing Online is in the service business. If you service customers with products, information, consultation, guidance or more than one then you are in the business of serving people. You’re in the service business. Direct selling happens in just about any scenario even as children. Remember back in elementary school when you may not have like your lunch and the friend next to you wanted your dessert and you wanted their sandwich? A sale was made (in trade) that is direct selling. If you have ever been on a webinar whether you buy or not, just listening to the webinar in it’s entirety a sale was made. The person hosting the webinar sold you on listening until the end. 

Principles of Direct Selling

Direct selling traditionally may have been done in person or by phone. BUT, today with all the technology at our fingertips you can Broadcast Your Brilliance to people across the web and direct selling will take place. Regardless of the industry or profession that you are in. Even if you sell an “MLM” product, and that’s okay!

In this episode you will:

1. DISCOVER three secrets to growing your direct sales team with G+ Hangouts

2. LEARN how to use Facebook to stand out and connect with your market 

3. Implement THE SECRET weapon to share your message with thousands of people at once

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