Online Marketing Arbitrage Fundamentals


How To Find And Buy Revenue Generating Websites

Online Marketing Arbitrage Fundamentals

Cloud Income Properties shares their methods for finding websites online to buy and why they do! These Online Marketing Arbitrage Fundamentals work best with existing, well established websites.

“80% of all success is just showing up.” – Alex Mandossian

In honor of adopting the Marketing Online Master Virtual Presenter methods, Jeff Fagin has prepared some visual cue cards to share during this Hangout On Air. We teach each and every one of our clients to broadcast their message by doing Hangout presentations and using index cards to help train their audience on the key points to take notes and follow along.

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Acquisition: Buying Revenue Generating Websites

Online Marketing Arbitrage Fundamentals

Management and Growth: For Your Revenue Generating Websites. In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and finding multiple ways to generate additional income from the traffic visiting these web properties.

Buying Revenue Generating Websites:

  • Acquisition
  • Management
  • Growth

Those are the 3 Key Areas That Jeff Fagin and David Koons focus on when building, growing and acquiring Cash Flow generating websites that can be sold.

Revenue Generating Websites

To make an income online starting from ground zero with a brand new website could take so much time and money, on what is an unproven model. Jeff Fagin advises that it is far better to make the investment in a proven website model with existing traffic and an email audience that is engaged to actually achieve cash flow in 30-60 days.

Rather than starting from scratch, buy a winning website that already generates income. That is the business model that Cloud Income Properties follows and offers as a done-for-you service to their clients. They find the historically proven revenue generating websites and acquire them.

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Find Websites That Make Money

The fastest way to cash flow is to find websites that already have a proven model and niche, with an engaged email audience and good sound fundamental SEO. A great website has a really well organized site structure so that the search engines can easily crawl the site and index the content.

When your site ranks on top of Google then you will naturally get organic “search query” traffic that is finding your website. If you have a pop form on your site and great content, like videos and articles or podcast audio and articles then people will stay on your website longer and stay engaged in what value you are bringing them in their daily lives. One of the best ways to monetize your website traffic is with an email list and a simple assessment form. If you are in a service business, we teach that using the assessment funnel can help you pre-qualify the right prospects for your products and services.

Learn more about how to create an Assessment Funnel from us here.

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