The Secret To Having Push Button Influence



Are you an influencer or someone with an expertise that can truly help people?

No other time in our history of mankind have we had such well produced ways technology was created to allow us, that’s right…

You and I to present what we know using our smartphones and a simple internet connection to gain massive new exposure and reach for what we are looking for in the marketplace.

What does every business need?

You guessed it… MORE CLIENTS, more referrals, more sales and more repeat buyers.

Picture yourself no longer feeling stuck anytime that you want to get your message out to the masses.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is impossible because it’s not!

Tell yourself I’m Possible…

I have done it, Oprah did it, and Gary Vee has mastered it. You too can learn how to have push button influence just like we do.

3 Ways To Get More Visibility, Exposure & Reach

  1. Commitment
  2. Engagement
  3. Advancement Online

“Passion doesn’t produce commitment, commitment produces passion.” – Alex Mandossian

Harv Eker says “first you need the wood, then you can have the fire.”

Secondly you need to engage with using social media, in your day to day life.

Determine who you want to reach, what your platform of choice or medium/media type is going to be and begin to shape and craft your message. Develop an irresistible offer for your audience and begin to engage with them by pushing buttons.

Here’s A Quick and Easy Way To Push Button Influence

In our world online you can practically and engage with millions of people at the touch of your finger tips.

Find your tribe online and on the social media networks they enjoy spending time around, offer value, build relationships and make connections via live or real-time engagements created around the content that you create and share.

Engage your email list and the people looking for the information that you can provide them by inviting them to join in on newly released content and live videos being shown on your social networks.

Engage with new like-minded people you meet people on your: show, blog, podcast, vlog, Facebook comments, webistes, webinars, landing pages and chat bots too.

By having a weekly show you can easily engage with your audience.

Start by acknowledging them and asking questions like: where are you watching, listening or hanging out from? 

We encourage you to ask your viewers to engage and they can do so by typing their answers into the chat box on our live streams from inside of Webinar Jam. Or on: Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus.

Engagement requires two-way communication and it’s your job as the virtual presenter or host to engage.

The more engagement you can create the further your message can spread to the right people, Faster-Better and Easier!!

The Truth About Push Button Influence

As a Push Button Influencer you will be adopting the “new media influence” model.

Rather than following the Old Media Methods, we teach and do the New Media Influencer Model called Push Button Influence.

  1. Start a Weekly Show
  2. Be A Guest On Other People’s Shows
  3. Syndicate Your Content Everywhere that Your Tribe Wants To Consume It!

Which I have personally used over the past 25 years to make myself and my clients millions and millions of dollars.

That’s why I teach it… This stuff works!

Do You Suffer From A “Lack of Influence?”

Having Push Button Influence requires three core values as an influener: Commit, Engage and Advancements.

In my book Alexisms (get your complimentary digital copy here) I talk about moving the needle forward and not worrying so much about how the level or quality of work is, just more so that I “moved the needle” and I will be committed to doing that again tomorrow.

“Little advancement, makes a big difference.” – Alex Mandossian

Jim Rohn says one degree of change every single day is 365 degrees of change in a year.

How ordinary people produce extraordinary results starts by having your own weekly show.

It begins by learning and staying committed to follow the PBI Method. It’s Your Time To Make the investment in yourself and your career by having a: weekly show, livecast, podcast or blog in order to Broadcast Your Brilliance.

Push Button Influence is all about getting more visibility, more reach and more exposure on a consistent basis by staying committed to producing your show each and every week.

3 Whys of Push Button influence:

  • Why This
  • Why You
  • Why Now

There are about 40-50 buttons that you can push and get other people to push that can lead to more exposure, more reach and more recognition in your industry as a New Media Influencer. Which social networks are right for you? Tell us your toughts in the comments on Facebook


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