Know Your Customer — How to Find Out What Your Customers Want



Everybody knows advertising is expensive.  

The aim is $1 in… more than $1 out.

How do you figure out where and how to spend your advertising dollars for your business — without investing thousands of dollars in market research?

Know Your Customer
People spend a ton of time and money finding out what their customers want.

Whole industries are dedicated to helping your business find out what you need to make, do and spend time on so you can sell your customers the products and services they want and need.

Advertising is expensive.              

In the data-driven internet age we spend lots of time measuring data, studying spreadsheets, and hiring companies to help us decide what direction a business should go in.

Sometimes one of the easiest ways to find out pertinent info about your customer is the most overlooked…

It’s simple — ask them.

Before I show you exactly how… here’s why:

Build Relationship Capital

Asking your customers what they want has several benefits. First, you are building relationship capital.

Who doesn’t like to be asked what they want?

Especially if you’re in the process of tweaking a product or service, this might be the best time to reach out and ask what features or benefits your customers would like to see in your new product or service.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Marketing

Second, you take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Find out what customers want and need you’re could take years off of product development. You also learn more about your market and it’s niches, which can lead to more targeted services and products.

Save Money

Finally, you save money. Building relationship capital breeds brand loyalty which builds equity and creating calculated marketing strategies both save and create money for you.


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Three Steps of A Successful Ask Campaign

Whether you do a mini survey on Twitter or an AMA on YouTube I’m about to give you a formula you can use to structure a successful Ask Campaign.

Step One: Define Your Market Niche  

Within your market there are various niches — or a specialized segments of the market.

Before you do an Ask Campaign do some research and find out the various niches within your market.

Once you figure out your niches, pick one or two to target for your campaign. Niches go much deeper and narrower than a market.

When you go deep and narrow, you create the potential for greater response and engagement during your campaign.

Step Two: Ask What They Want

Design your questions around your market niche.

For example:

  • What will help them?
  • What will excite them?
  • Do you have a product or service that can fulfill their desires or needs? And if not…
  • Can you create that product or service quickly to meet their needs?


Step Three: Give Them What They Want

Roll out your product or service with great fanfare! You are giving the people what they want! And let your niche know this is because of them. Keep the conversation going with your followers, clients and prospects. You are letting them know you’re listening.

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