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Sales, sales, sales. I said it. Selling, selling, selling. I said that. Sales is an charged topic.

Do you dislike the selling process? Get in line. You’re not the only one who hates to sell. If you don’t have the skill to sell as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your product. You are not going to be as successful as you could be if you hate to sell. As humans we tend avoid things we hate to do. And the fact is every business is a sales and marketing business. Nothing moves in business until something sells.

So how do you get good at something you don’t like doing? Change the format. Over the next 5 weeks I’m going to teach you a simple, effective and fun way to sell. I’ll also show you the mistakes to avoid in the selling process. And lay out strategies for dealing with every kind of personality you’ll encounter.

Why Should You Give A F*** About What I Say?

Two reasons: I love to sell. I love to teach. I’ve been in the business of sales and marketing as an entrepreneur for 25+ years. I’ve been teaching and training other entrepreneurs for almost that long.

I’ve made over 400 million in sales with my partners, students and clients. I am not saying that to impress you; I’ve got a bit of wisdom in the area of conversion and influence. If you want to get great info on the selling process check out my weekly podcast All Selling Aside. You’ll get 25 years of great stories and wisdom boiled down to 25-minutes each week.

Why Now Is The Right Time to Learn How To Sell Anything

As I stated earlier, every single business in the world is a sales and marketing business. If you’re a dentist with no patient in the chair you don’t have a business. If you’re a chiropractor with no clients you don’t have a business. If you’re a CPA with a trickle of clients wandering through your door in April you’re doing something wrong.

You have to have patients, clients, students, customers if you’re in business. And the way you get those customers is through selling. But ‘selling’ is a nasty word for a lot of people. It’s uncomfortable to talk about. It can be humiliating at times. And if you aren’t good at sales or have had bad experiences it’s easy to avoid that aspect of your business.


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But sales and marketing is the heart and soul of every business. A sale is a beat of the heart of your business. Like how a heartbeat pushes blood through your veins to keep your heart alive, a sale pushes money through your business and gives your business life. 

And if you don’t make sales a primary function of your business’s life your business will die.

Three Fundamental Elements of Selling Everything

Read The Room

When people say to me, “I have a great idea!” I say, “I don’t want to hear about your great idea first. I want to hear WHO you’re going to sell to, then I’ll hear your great idea.” Who is your market ? Who are you selling to? Do you know? Have you done your research?

The First Fundamental Element – Who

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is then you have no business being in business. The first rule of marketing is: know who you’re marketing to. Once you know who, then you will know what to sell and how to sell it to them.

If you’re selling burgers to vegetarians your business will fail. But if you research and find that vegetarians are looking for a better veggie burger you can tinker with your product. Then sell them what they want. By studying your ideal customer you answer a lot of questions with the least amount of effort. First ‘who.’ The ‘what’ and ‘how’ answer themselves.

One way to research your ideal customer is with the three AAA’s: Aspirations, Affiliations, and Attributes. What are your avatar’s aspirations for their life?

Do they want to buy a house someday? Are they working to get a second home? Are they ‘going solar’? Are they trying to send their kids to college? Do they dream of being financially free? Knowing your avatar’s goals and dreams brings you closer to knowing what makes them tick. 

Next, what are their affiliations? Who do they associate with? This will give you an idea of how they see themselves. This will also give you insight into their daily routines: do they go to PTA meetings? Sporting events? Do they hang out at the library or the theatre? Do they workout a lot?

This kind of research is invaluable and will be the hardest part of your marketing endeavors. But again, once you know who, everything else follows.

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Finally, attributes. Is your ideal customer married or divorced? How old are they? Did they go to college? Do they own a business or work for someone else? How many kids do they have? Again, knowing all these specifics you will know who you’re selling to, what they need, and how to sell it to them.

When you know your ideal customer you have the world in your hands as an entrepreneur. And you are one huge step closer to know how to sell to them. Doing this research will take the pain out of the selling process. This is the beginning of changing the format. Now we can go from ‘selling’ or what I call ‘pimping’ to ‘engaging’ and ‘pampering’ your client.

You Don’t Have To Yell In A Crowded Room

The Second Fundamental Element – What

So you’ve got burgers and you’ve got a room full of vegetarians. A smart entrepreneur has done her research. She’s talked with people and gotten to know her market. She’s found out their goals and dreams, their stats, their pet peeves and passions.

From all that research she’s gotten an idea. She’s gonna turn her beef burger into a veggie burger to meet the needs of her market and her idea customer. She’s changed her message to fit her market. She wouldn’t have done that or gotten her inspiration if she hadn’t done her research.

Notice we haven’t even gotten to the ‘selling’ part yet. By the time we start selling our ideal customer will feel like an old friend, which is by design. We want to be that familiar with our ideal customer. That way when we start ‘selling’ to them they’re relaxed. It’s an extension of a conversation already in progress. 

The Third Fundamental Element – How

Again, knowing your avatar you will know where they spend time. Do they shop at Whole Foods or WinCo? Do they hang out on social media? If so, are they all over Instagram or do they spend most of their time on Facebook? Are they Twitter-obsessed or prefer the all-business vibe of LinkedIn?

Do they read flyers at their dog’s groomer? Do they have a newspaper subscription? Do they get book recommendations on GoodReads? When you do your research you will know where and how your customers consume, find new products, shop and browse.

When you know how they discover new things you will know how to reach them with your veggie burger.

In Conclusion

Over the next five weeks we’re gonna go micro-meta into the art of marketing and how to take the ‘selling’ out of your sales. I’m not trying to be clever or funny. I hate ‘pimping’. I hate ‘hard selling’. And when you say ‘selling’ that’s what people think about. It’s a humiliating process for both the entrepreneur and the customer.

But as entrepreneurs we don’t need to learn how to ‘sell’. We need to learn about our market in such detail that we know how to engage an individual in a conversation. When we engage them we allow a space for them to get to know, like and trust us.

Customers knowing, liking and trusting you is the holy grail for all entrepreneurs. But it’s an evolution. It’s a process like any other relationship. Your relationships with your ideal customer, client, student or patient take time to nurture.

It takes time to boil water. It goes from cold, to warm to hot to boiling to steam. All those stages are steps in a relationship with a customer. But when you come at a customer knowing them, you can cut down the time it takes for them to get to know you. Why? Because you’ve already created intimacy with them. You’ve said, ‘I know what makes you tick and I want to help make your life easier.’

But it all starts with knowing WHO your market is. If you hate to sell start studying your market and who you are selling to. When you get to know him and her, you see them as people. Then you will engage with them as people not prospects or leads.

A ‘prospect’ or a ‘lead’ is a great in-house term for keeping track of statistics and analysis. It sucks for looking at, engaging with and getting to know your customers and clients. See them as people, get to know them like you would a good friend and you will begin to change the way you ‘sell.’

This is marketing intimacy and it’s one of your greatest tools as a marketer. And remember, you may be a personal coach, or a carpet cleaner, or a T-shirt maker. But you are a marketer first. And your business is a marketing business. Use this Avatar Worksheet to start your ideal customer research. This worksheet is what will move the needle in your business.

There will never be a time when you’re done with getting to know your ideal customer. Just like you never fully know your spouse or best friend. But you can get to know them so well that you know how to talk to them. You know their favorite jokes, what makes them tick and what ignites their passions.

This knowledge will pay you dividends as an entrepreneur. It will give you the life you intended to create as a business owner. A life of financial freedom and prosperity. So stick around for the next 5 weeks and learn:

  • How to avoid the mistakes entrepreneurs make in selling
  • Strategies for how to talk to every personality type
  • The one process that takes the ‘selling’ out of sales and can make you millions

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