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Copywriting isn’t just an ad in a newspaper. It’s your tweet. It’s your Facebook post. It’s what you say at the end of a webinar. And it’s what you say from the stage or live event.

Do you speak from the stage? I do.

It’s one of the most lucrative ways I generate income for my business. And I always use persuasive selling sentences to do the heavy lifting.

Copywriting specifically designed for the stage makes your life a lot simpler (and braver…see below). And the templates I share with you in this post are ones I use all the time.

They are successful. They’ve worked well for me for the last 25 years. And they make my life much easier when I’m selling from the stage. When I use these I know what to say and how to say it.

What are persuasive selling sentences and how do they work?

Tested Sentences That Sell

Back in 1938, a man by the name of Elmer Wheeler wrote a book, called Tested Sentences that Sell. In it he talks about, “word magic that makes people buy.” This book is how it all started for me.

I read it over 20 years ago. I was broke at the time, and this book really helped me figure out how to sell. I suggest you read it. What I got from the book is this: you don’t need to be good at influencing others, or persuading them. And you certainly don’t have to be a born salesperson in order to win the hearts of others.

You just need to be good at learning a few sentences. And if you use these sentences, even dispassionately, people will follow your direction in ways that you never thought possible.

Another book that influenced me was Trial Closes and Statements. You can’t find this book anymore but it was written by, arguably, the best stage presenter I’ve ever seen in my life, Ted Thomas.

Before you take the stage: I laminate the most persuasive sentences, and review them before I take the stage. These sentences work like magic to turn even the coldest audience into a fire hot room of brand new customers.

This is the kind of influence you need to turn your virtual or in-person audience into premium customers — ethically and without hard selling >>


He’ll get on stage and it’s not uncommon for him to generate over a million dollars from an audience of about four to five hundred, which is no easy feat.

He belongs to the Pathfinder Mastermind out of Austin, which is a great mastermind. Which, btw, if you want to up your game selling from the stage, I recommend belonging to a mastermind. It’s an invaluable resource.

So Ted Thomas teaches specific word patterns to his students and other stage presenters.

I am going to teach you these same principles. You’ll be able to use these principles in any selling environment. You can use them from the stage, writing your copy, selling one-on-one, or virtually in webinar presentations.

And you can take these sentences and make them your own to fit your personality and style.

You are going to learn how to win people over, not just win their minds, but you’ll win over their hearts too. These sentences are personal and persuasive but they’re also ethical. I like to consider myself an ethical influencer and these sentences while powerful are also appropriate marketing tactics.

And the reason you know these sentences work is because they have been tested over and over.

Elmer Wheeler was a fanatical tester. He wanted to know what worked and what didn’t in sales. Wanna know how he did it?

As a consultant in the retail industry, he would give salespeople in their different departments, selling refrigerators, shoe polish, vacuum cleaners, etc. different phrases to say to customers. Then they would test phrases over and over again.

Eventually they would land on a phrase that worked, and all of a sudden, there would be a table rush; a cash register rush.

And when they had these rushes, the staff would report the sentences back to Elmer, and Elmer would jot them down. Then they would start the testing all over again.

Those sentences are the ones I’m going to describe here. They worked back then, and they work today.

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Mr. Sizzle
“Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.”
—Elmer Wheeler

Elmer Wheeler was so interested in the words, phrases and sentences that worked he created the Sizzle Lab taken from his wisecrack in his speeches, “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.”

In this lab Mr. Wheeler and his staff tested well over 105,000 words and phrases on over 19,000,000 people. So trust him when he says these are the sentences that work.

When it came to words Elmer Wheeler spent over 10 years becoming an expert on persuasion and what motivated people to buy.

The Benefits of Sentences with Pulling Power

Persuasion sells.

Pulling power will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Persuasive phrases require less work from you during a sale. These sentences are workhorses. They work hard so you don’t have to.

Selling sentences are the lynchpins of a good sale and these have all been tested and proven to work so why would you not use them?

Many people I know don’t feel they’re good at sales.

Just to mess with my clients, I sometimes ask them, “Are you married?” If they say “yes,” I say, “Why do you think you aren’t good at sales? You made a sale there.” And then they’ll admit, “Well, I’m a coach and I can’t get these high-end clients like you have.”

This happens to be one of my specialties: creating high-end marketing funnels so that coaches and consultants who don’t feel that they’re very persuasive can get high-end clients.

In addition to the funnels, I teach my clients these sentences so they feel more confident on stage or one-on-one with a customer.

They can memorize and apply these persuasive selling sentences in their own language. With practice, they start getting those high-end sales.

The bottom line is a sale is always made. Always. When my client says, “I tried ten times last week. I didn’t make one sale.” I say, “No, there were ten sales, the prospect sold you. The prospect was a better salesperson than you were. They sold you their objections.”

If you get the prospect to become a client, then you are a better salesperson. So, the sale is always made. There’s no rejection. Either you’re selling them or they’re selling you on their objections and roadblocks.

I learned that from Jeffrey Gitomer, one of the great authors on selling. He says, “the sale is always made.”

I like to use this to take the sting out of rejection. Rejection is hard for entrepreneurs and it becomes a roadblock to building their business. They become afraid of rejection so they don’t even try.

But if you look at it like a sale is always made then hopefully the sting goes away a little bit. Then you can focus on how to become the better persuader.

Because that’s what it comes down to, who’s the better persuader? Is it your customer with his or her objections, or is it you? And if it’s you, what tools do you have to persuade your customer?

We all know what tools the customer has: objections, procrastination, etc. What tools do you use to make a sale?

Relying on a good product is a mistake. Good products live and die on the unsharpened sword of persuasion.

Relying on your god-given talents is also a mistake. The natural-born salesperson is a rare breed. If you meet one hire her. Can you imagine how incredible she’ll be after she learns these sentences?

Most entrepreneurs are not natural sales people. And even talented people need to be taught the rules of engagement, ethical principles and smart strategies.

So it’s not talent or instinct. And it’s not the product that is going to give the prospect the confidence to take a leap of faith. It won’t be your great service that will convince the customer to spend their hard-earned money.

Do not rely on a great product or your instincts. Rely on the science and research of the past 100 years of marketing and copywriting.

If you are a natural at sales then enhance your abilities with these templates to push your business to the next level.

Power Words

“If you mastered these skills, where could you be 3 years from now?”

You’ve probably heard or read an iteration of this sales close on a TV commercial or a written ad. It’s a powerful sentence and it’s worked for me many times over the last 25 years.

It works for a couple of reasons. It’s personal. It uses the power words ‘you’ and ‘these.’ If you want to learn more about Vic Schwab’s list of the 10 most powerful words in marketing, click here.

Also, this sentence does something called future-pacing. It puts the subject (you) into the future and lets you see how successful you’ll be with this new product. It gives you an image of what your life will look like if you buy this product.

Future-pacing is visualization.

Future-pacing is a powerful technique. It’s one of the tools of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and you can learn more about it here.

“The Universe is change. Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
— Marcus Aurelius

It’s not that surprising that what works in life will work in marketing. Marketing is life and life is marketing. In almost every human interaction someone is selling something and someone is buying or not buying it.

And the clearer you make your argument for your customer the easier it is for them to get on board with your idea or product.

Visualization is a powerful tool and future-pacing harnesses that tool. Another example of personalized future-pacing is this template:

“Do you see how much easier your life will be once you start applying these strategies?”

This sentence uses the power words, ‘you,’ ‘your,’ ‘how’ and ‘these’ along with future-pacing.

Make The Stage Sizzle

Trial closes are another term for these persuasive selling sentences.

Myself along with others like Russell Brunson use trial closes all the time in our stage presentations. It’s a powerful tool for your toolbox. And if you’re not using public speaking in your business you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

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In fact, using trial closes could be how you make public speaking easier for yourself. Selling from the stage can be frightening. Especially if you don’t get the results you want.

Trail closes do the work for you. Trial closes take the pressure off of you while you’re on stage.

The Wrap Up

Copywriting is lucrative if you’re good at it. Freelance copywriters are invaluable to a successful business. And if you’re an entrepreneur you’ve probably been your own copywriter at some point. Having good copywriting skills is an important asset for a healthy business.

But copy isn’t just the ad you write. It’s also what you say from the stage or in a webinar. Would you like more trial closes for your stage and webinar presentations?

Click Here to get a comprehensive list of persuasive selling sentences that will do the work for you. What’s your favorite sales story? Did you sell the customer or did they sell you on ‘no?’ LMK below.

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