Take The Guesswork Out of Online Sales Pages


“Nothing happens until something moves.”
—Albert Einstein

“Nothing moves until something is sold.”
—All Entrepreneurs Everywhere

You’re Either Selling Or Your Buying

Persuasion is one of the keys to life. In order to get anything done you’ve got to convince somebody to do it. If it’s not your mom, your husband, your kids, your boss or your followers, it’s yourself.

If you want to get in shape you’ve got to persuade yourself to get to the gym.

If you want more room on the couch you’ve got to persuade your dog that the floor is also an option.

Persuasion is simply getting someone else to take the action you want them to take.

How good are you at persuasion?

Being an entrepreneur will test your mettle.

It isn’t enough to set up the systems of a business. It isn’t enough to be a good bookkeeper or have good productivity skills. You also have to be a good persuader. As an entrepreneur you have to be good at persuading people they need what you are selling. Full stop.

This whole month we took a deep dive into the Art of Persuasion. So you’ve got some skills, templates and tools. You are now an expert at persuasion.

There’s one more element that will aid in your persuasion powers and your selling tools…the Online Sales Page.

One of the most important places you will use your copywriting skills is on the sales pages for your funnel.

Do you have a funnel?

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3 Key Elements of A Successful Online Sales Page

Online Sales Pages are counterintuitive. What you think will work on a sales page doesn’t. And what does work seems ludicrous. Except it works.

And sales pages don’t just sell something. Many times a sales page simply gets you opt-in to an email list. A sales page could also be a page asking you to take a survey or fill out an application.

If you’re a business coach and can’t persuade someone to fill out an application how effective are you as an entrepreneur?

The RCU Factor

The first element is what I call RCU: Relevancy, Credibility and Urgency. For someone to buy your product or opt-in with their email or fill out an application, there has to be three values on the page:

  • Relevancy = “Why me?” does this relate to me?
  • Credibility = “Why this?” is this the right product or info?
  • Urgency = “Why now?” do I need it right now?

All of these questions have to be answered on a successful sales page. I put this element first because these three questions are a checklist you can use to make sure your sales page has the necessary ingredients for success.

If you’ve got all three answered with your testimonials, case studies, FAQs, Guarantee, product description, etc. then you will have success. And all three are equally important.

Say for instance, the prospect loves the product and knows it’s a good fit for her but it’s not the right time, she’ll be less likely to buy it.

Or, maybe the buyer urgently needs a product like yours, which is what him to your page, but you don’t provide enough info about the product so he’s unsure of its relevancy or credibility? That probably won’t be a sale.

All three are equally important and should be addressed equally on your sales page.

Reason Why Copy

If you have a good reason why people will take action. If you explain to people why you’re doing something this will build trust and transparency which will more likely result in a sale.

For instance –

We’re having a sale and getting rid of all of our sports equipment inventory. Come in and get 50% off!

Is not as powerful as –

We’re having a 50% off sale! A lot of our equipment is in good condition but have dents and scratches. So we decided to get all new equipment which is good luck for you guys!

This ad is much more powerful. It has more pulling power and it builds on your credibility and transparency.

In his book, Influence, Robert Cialdini talks about the power of ‘because’ in marketing.

Nothing is more important in putting your business into HIGH-GROWTH MODE than designing an effective lead generation and sales conversion system that…

  • generates more pre-qualified PROSPECTS,
  • builds a more ENGAGED list, and
  • easily converts high-end clients without personal and professional REJECTION.

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“A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do.”

In 1978, psychologist Ellen Langer did a study of people waiting in line to use a copy machine. It’s a pretty famous study now so I won’t go into too much detail. You can read about the Ellen Langer copy machine line study here.

The study, which was about people cutting in line, showed that people let the line cutters in 93 to 94% more of the time if the line cutter simply provided a reason for cutting. When the line cutter didn’t provide a reason but simply asked to cut in line that number dropped to 60%.

The takeaway here is always give a reason on your sales page for why you’re offering your product. “I’m giving you a steep discount because…” or “I want you to try my service because…” This is what’s known as Reason Why Copy. Give a reason why and build trust and transparency.

Now, one of the most interesting aspects of the study was that the reason people gave for cutting in line didn’t even have to be a good reason or make sense. But as an ethical marketer I like to err on the side of honesty and truth.

Marketers take a lot of flack for using whatever tactics they need to to get a sale. I don’t operate this way. Your path is up to you. But if you’re here just know that I’ll always give ethical advice on ethical influence and best practices.

Nothing is as persuasive as the truth.

So always use Reason Why Copy on your sales pages and always make sure your reasons are legit.

A Clear Call To Action

You. Must. Always. Have. A. CTA. Period.

An online sales page typically does 3 things:

  • Sells a product or service
  • Asks for an opt-in with an email or phone number
  • Directs to an application to fill out

Each one of these is a Call To Action and they all need to be clear, obvious and hopefully spark curiosity. In my own A/B testing I’ve found that CTA’s that arouse curiosity in some way perform the best.

Your CTA could be a button or a link. It may say Click Here or it might say something like, “You had me at Hello Alex.” I like that one because it sparks curiosity and people click.

A sales page is not always about a sale but it’s always a step in a sequence. The sales page is not the end of the line. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a funnel. You want them to opt-in to your list. You want them fill out a form. These are steps that eventually lead to bigger offerings.

So make sure that each step of their journey is clear to them. Don’t inundate them. Present your information clearly, concisely and be consistent on each page of your funnel.

Different Types of Sales Pages

Depending on the sequence of your marketing funnel a sales page can have different functions. Again, a sales page is not just about a sale, it’s about getting your prospect to take an action.

1. Order Page – this type of page can also be called the shopping cart. It’s where the order is placed for your product. You can also use this page to offer an upsell, an add-on, a one-time offer, etc.

2. Donation Page – A donation page is pretty self-explanatory. It’s used mainly on non-profit sites and political websites, but it’s also used to ask for donations by small content creators for YouTube, Instagram, etc.

3. Application Page – this type of page is for when you have an application for your prospect to fill out. These are great for coaches, consultants and mentors. It’s a way to get to know your prospective client. After they fill out the application you can direct them to another sales page to keep them in your funnel.

4. One Time Offer Page – Your prospect orders something and gets directed to another page with a relevant offer. One of the most famous OTO’s is when you’re ordering at McDonald’s and the attendant asks, “would you like fries with that?”

Of course you want fries with your burger, you’re not a weirdo.

It’s an effective strategy online as well. “Suggested Items” are the new OTOs on Amazon and elsewhere. Once you’ve put an item into your shopping cart or opted-in to a service you’ll be directed to another page that offers you a companion to what you just bought.

OTO’s are successful and work well when they’re clear, concise and relevant to the original purchase or opt-in.

5. Free Plus Shipping and Handling page – I started out using this page with DVDs, CDs and even cassettes. Click here to learn more about cassettes.

Nowadays we use books on these pages. Visitors are directed to this page where they’re offered a free book or e-guide and all they have to do it pay for shipping and handling.

The cost of producing the book is rolled into the price of shipping. For instance, you create a short guide relevant to your niche. It costs you $5 to print and 2 bucks to ship.

So you offer the book for free plus $7 for shipping and handling. It works.

So you break even but for your effort you’ve gotten someone on your list and into your funnel. Once they click to get the book they are then taken to another page for an upsell.

The Free Plus Shipping page is wildly successful.

6. VSL page – VSL is a Video Sales Letter. What’s the middle word there? Sales. You make a video to help sell your product or service. It’s a great way to get personal and introduce yourself to your market.

VSLs are great for courses, events, webinars, etc. You can sell anything using a VSL but a VSL is particularly useful if you’re in the coaching field.

You create a video to sell your service or event. When they opt-in or buy they get directed to an OTO. After they get the one time offer they’re directed to the thank you page which has another offer relevant to their purchase.

7. Pre-Order page – is a page that allows the buyer to pre-order a product, like a book or a coaching session. Say you have a book that is not quite done getting printed but you want to create some buzz around it.

You can start advertising it on social and direct people to a sales page that allows them to pre-order it. Once they’ve pre-ordered they’re directed to an OTO or another sales page with a relevant offer or a Thank You page.

Are you getting this?

8. Thank You page – is a confirmation of their purchase. It will usually give specific instructions for what to do next… “Thank you! You’ll get an email in the next 24 hours.” “Congratulations! Click here to receive your download immediately!”

It also allows you to offer them another relevant product or service: A free companion PDF download; a chance to sign up to your list and keep getting great content; another purchase that enhances their original purchase.

But one thing you need to make sure your Thank You page has is all YOUR contact info. Give your new customer all the ways they can engage with you. Invite them into your discussion groups on your Facebook page. Let them know they can engage with you on Twitter, etc.

This is a no brainer but one of the most overlooked reasons for engaging with your customer is that more engagement = more success with their new product or service from you.

More Engagement = Less Recidivism

Recidivism is the tendency to relapse into old behavior. You just sold someone your new e-book, 10 Ways to Be More Productive. If they use the principles for two weeks and then start to slide back into their old habits you will not have a lifelong customer.

You will have a one-time purchaser.

So make sure your Thank You page is actually the start of a beautiful friendship. The sooner YOU engage the more likely THEY will succeed.

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My Most Successful Sales Page

Over the last 25+ years of copywriting and using sales pages I’ve found that I have one template that outperforms all the other examples I just described.

It’s the Assessment page.

What’s an assessment? An assessment is assessing your temperament, your learning style, your productivity skills, your values, your ability to lead, etc.

The reason this is the single most powerful and persuasive tool to get action on is because your prospect gets something very powerful back.

It’s not a book. It’s not a coaching program. With the assessment they get a report about themselves. It’s all about them. That is very powerful and people love it.

I use Assessment pages at the top of my funnels to get people engaged before I upsell them. You know what else is great about an assessment?

It gives you information about your prospective client. You learn a lot about them upfront which will do two things: allow you to taper products and services to meet their specific needs; and allow you to learn more about your niche market.

The Wrap Up

Copywriting is an art form but it’s also a science. Throughout this last month I’ve laid out a ton of principles, strategies and templates for successful copywriting.

All of these strategies and templates have been tested and retested. They have proven extremely successful for those who literally wrote the book on copywriting.

I’ve done my own testing and I’ve made millions of dollars using these very strategies. So take advantage and use these templates in your own business. Btw, would you like an assessment of your business’s sales funnels?

One of my areas of expertise as a business coach and marketing consultant is creating high-end sales funnels for my clients. Click if you would like more education and assistance with your marketing funnels. And here’s to your success!

Do you use sales pages in your business? What’s your most successful sales page you’ve ever created? paste the link below! I’d love to see it.

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