Take the Guesswork Out of Sales Funnels



It’s Funnel Month!

We’re gonna get granular about creating successful product funnels for your coaching/training business.

How much do you know about sales funnels? Do you have a funnel? Is it generating sales and return clients?

What is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the journey someone takes to become your lead and then your customer. They opt-in to your list with their email and then they learn about and purchase your product or service.

And if you have a really swanky sales funnel you can even turn them into a repeat client or customer.

So this month is all about learning to create successful sales funnels.

The Anatomy of A Sales Funnel

Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is a free product (usually digital, like an instructional PDF) in exchange for someone’s email address.

This product is the top of or introduction to your sales funnel. It entices someone into your funnel with a ‘free’ gift.

These are examples of Lead Magnet headlines:

“Get my 5 Steps to Stopping Self-Sabotage”

“Learn 8 New Tips for Better Digestion”

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a page or window that solicits someone to opt-in for their email address. It’s a form of lead acquisition to grow your prospect list.

You ask them for their email address in order to view your content. Usually this is optional, sometimes it’s mandatory.

The Elements of A Squeeze Page:

Opt-in field – this is where they fill in their email address

  • Headline – the attention grabber!
  • CTA – tell them what to do!
  • Video/Audio/Image – images and video that describe and enhance the product Optional on a Squeeze page:
  • Benefit Bullets – bullet points that detail the benefits of opt-in to the productI ha

Exit Pop Window

  • Exit Pop – a window that pops up if they move to exit the page prematurely

This is a very smart way to handle people who decide to click away. The window gets their attention and simply asks them to give up their info, nothing else.

They don’t have to buy anything. They don’t have to go into the funnel. They just fill in their info and leave.

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Sales Page

A Sales page advertises a specific product or service you are selling. This page is designed to turn browsers into buyers, prospects into leads.

This page shows off and explains your irresistible offer. Going back to the Alexisms sales page. I’ve combined my squeeze page at the top of the window with my sales page.

So in the squeeze page section they can just give me their info and walk away if they choose. But if they scroll down they’ll see the rest of my sales page with “Reasons Why,” testimonials, more hooks, core offer description, etc.

The Elements of A Sales Page:

  • Product Shot – A clear image of the product
  • Opening Hook – The initial attention-grabbing headline
  • Core Headline – The headline stating the problem you have
  • Core Offer description – describes what your whole offer is
  • FAQs – answers to anticipated questions they may have about the offer or product
  • Feature bullets – the list of product features (how it works)
  • Benefits bullets – the list of benefits they’ll get using the product or service
  • Sub-headlines – further headlines that describe solutions and advantages
  • CTA buttons – the buttons they click to go to the order page
  • Testimonials – quotes by other users or colleagues who’ve worked with you
  • Risk-Free Guarantee – always have some sort of guarantee
  • Bonuses – free add-ons for purchasing your product or service
  • Help Desk Access – where do they go if they have a problem with your product or sales page

Let’s take a look at the different panels and what they feature. This is the second panel which describes the core offer, gives a product shot, a testimonial from Ryan Deiss and a CTA button…

The Alexisms Sales page is fantastic if I do say so myself. First of all, big shout out to my funnels guy, Jon Marino. He’s a funnel genius. I love the way he designed this sales page.

He’s built a comprehensive and engaging funnel. Each panel has at least one CTA button; he devotes a whole panel to Reasons Why; the money-back guarantee is prominent; and overall, the graphics are very appealing.

There are many elements that keep you on the page and reading to find out more.

The third panel is the Core Offer description. It’s got a headline, sub-headlines and a CTA button…

The fourth panel is 9 Reasons Why. Reasons Why marketing is effective because it helps you explain why someone needs your product or service.

The aim of ‘reasons why’ is to address and obliterate their objections so they have no reason left NOT to buy.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to jam every single element of a sales page into a sales page. You want to make sure you have the most important elements included, like CTA buttons, product image, product description, benefits, testimonials and a MBG.

But say you’re selling a book, you may not need a list of features. You may not want to include helpdesk info on the sales page, but include it in the follow up email.

There are a lot of options when you design your sales funnel and sales page.

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After Reasons Why, we have testimonials. This is a way to expand Reasons Why, further busting their objections with testimonials.

This panel has a headline, testimonials, a product shot and a CTA button…

Another important aspect of a sales page is describing the benefits of what you’re selling. We call these benefits bullets, because using bullet points is a good way of highlighting each benefit.

You can show your potential customer all the benefits they will receive using your product.

This panel has it’s own headline, benefits bullets, sub-headlines and CTA button…

Another effective tool I use in my sales pages are video testimonials. I have one panel dedicated to a video testimonial, with a headline and a quote from a colleague.

What this page focuses on is building trust in my brand. Many people that come to this page may not know me or my brand. So we spend a lot of the page backing up what I’m offering with quotes from trusted names as well as testimonials from people who’ve used my product.

Finally, we have the money back guarantee. This is so important. Why would somebody who doesn’t know you buy something from you without some sort of guarantee?

The MBG also builds trust. So they may not know you when they land on your page but a MBG begins to build that trust quickly without knowing you very well yet.

On this panel you’ve got the money back guarantee, an explanation of the guarantee and a CTA button…

So those are all the elements of a sales page. You can get creative like I have. I can exclude things that you don’t feel you need. You can move things around on the page. It’s all up to you.

You need to make sure that you describe the product properly, build trust quickly, have a money back guarantee and clear graphics and lots of CTA buttons.

Other than that it’s up to you and your imagination to build a sales page that will attract people to read and click on your offer.

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Now let’s look at what happens after they enter the funnel…down the rabbit hole we go…

Order Page

Once your prospect clicks one of the many CTA buttons they are taken to the order page.

This is where they’ll input their info and give payment info as well as review the product.

The Elements of An Order Page:

  • Offer review – lists the specific details of your offer and what they’re getting
  • Guarantee review – restates the guarantee
  • product shot – another image of what they’re receiving
  • Bonus review – reviews each bonus they’ll receive
  • Benefits review – a review of the benefits of the product
  • CTA order button  – Order button
  • More testimonials – more users who’ve used your product or colleagues who are proud to work with you
  • Upsell offer – an offer they may be interested in in addition to what they just purchased from you
  • Exit Pop Downsell – if they start to click away from the order page you can offer them something of lesser value or free
  • Secure transaction tools – make sure you are using secure, trusted transaction software of inputting credit card info

Here’s my order page for Alexisms. It’s got an offer review of the product, benefits review, product image, more testimonials, an Upsell offer + a CTA button, a review of the money back guarantee and clear instructions for inputting your info…

Thank You Page

Finally…the Thank You page.

A thank you page does several important things.

It thanks the customer for buying the product. It also confirms the customer’s info and celebrates the buying decision. Congratulations!

The other important thing a thank you page does is extend the discussion. It invites the new customer to join your online community with your social media info and new member login prominently displayed.

Thirdly, a thank you page should also direct the new customer to take the next action. Check their email for the important link to their new product or further instructions.

The Elements of A Thank You Page:

  • “Thank you” sentiments – “Thank you!” “Get ready for your new product!” etc
  • Quick Start option – an option to start using the product right away rather than waiting for the email instructions
  • Surprise Bonus – a surprise gift for ordering
  • Buyer Survey – a link to a survey of their buying experience
  • Help Desk info – in case they don’t receive the email, etc
  • Social Media links – all the ways you want them to stay in touch with you
  • Next Action Step – what should they do next? “Check your email in about 30 seconds” etc

On the Alexisms thank you page, we’ve got a surprise bonus, next steps instructions to check your email and a link to my podcast, All Selling Aside.

In our email instructions we send them links to our membership site, social media and helpdesk info.

I encourage you to check out my Alexisms Offer Sales Page and go through the funnel. There are several more elements you’ll get to see and study that I didn’t describe here.  

Sales funnels are intimidating when you don’t know what they are. And without the right tools they can be unwieldy and complicated to put together. I hope this tutorial broke the process down into a more understandable process.

Once you understand how funnels work they can be fun to design and customize to your own product and personality.

For coaches, trainers and speakers a sales funnel is an indispensable tool for your products and business. Do you have a sales funnel already?

One of my areas of expertise is helping clients create high-end sales funnels for their coaching businesses. Click here to create effective lead generation and put your business into High-Growth mode. And get a free assessment of your own funnel!

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