How To Instantly Improve Your Lead Magnets


What’s the most dangerous word in marketing?


Who invented the car?

Who invented the fax machine?

Who invented the Mp3 player?

Who knows! We don’t remember these people.

Who innovated the car? Henry Ford.

Who innovated the Mp3 player? Steve Jobs.

Who still uses fax machines? Anyhoo…

As an entrepreneur you are putting out fires and solving problems all day everyday.Don’t try to start inventing new ways to market yourself. Do what is proven and what works.

And when it comes to sales pages you have too much to do to start trying to reinvent the wheel. This post is about taking the guesswork out of the most important element of your sales process…

…your Lead Magnet.

The Lead Magnet is what will drive people to your sales funnel. So what is it and what makes a lead magnet successful?

What is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of information an entrepreneur offers in exchange for someone’s contact info: name, email and maybe a phone number.

In short it’s a way to build your list.

And there are several different types of TESTED lead magnets that work. So that’s what we’ll focus on here: the elements that make a lead magnet successful and the types of lead magnets that work.

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4 Elements of A Successful Lead Magnet

Who, Not What.

The first element of a successful lead magnet is always…Know Your Niche.

In order to make any lead magnet successful you have to know WHO you’re targeting. Who is your target market?

Don’t come up with a LM until you are clear on who you’re going to be targeting.

I speak to coaches and trainers who have successful businesses and are still fuzzy about who their audience is. I usually find out who these people are when they come to me and say something like, “hey Alex, I have this great idea for a product!” and the first thing I say to them is, “I don’t want to hear about your great idea until you tell who it’s for first.”

That shuts them up for about 30 seconds while they try to figure out who they are building a product for.

When you know your market so well that you know what is lacking for them then you know what product to build and what offer will be irresistible. You have to know who you are speaking to if you’re going to create a product they need and will actually use.

As a rule in my company market research is something that I consider ongoing.

Your market is always changing, it gets older, preferences change, new people come into your market, etc. So it’s good to keep tabs on your market and notice and notate changes.

When you know your market you will know what they need. You will know what kind of lead magnet to build.

Ultra Ultra

Now you’re ready to create a lead magnet. You have all of these ideas and you want to cover as much territory as possible. WRONG!

This is where you drill way down and get specific. Not just specific ultra specific.

Being ultra specific means you will be filtering your market. You will filter out people who don’t fit the criteria and filtering in the people who will be ready to take advantage of your lead magnet and later on, an irresistible offer.

So when you’re putting together content for your lead magnet think narrow and deep not shallow and wide. Create a product that is ultra specific in its information and content.

Perception is Everything

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe. You are offering people excellent content for their name and email. So make sure that what you’re offering is worth it. Your lead magnet has to have High-Perceived Value to entice people to take advantage of it.

If it doesn’t seem very interesting, relevant or urgent they won’t do it. Email inboxes are still valuable real estate.

To give a little bit of that real estate up people have to be intrigued. They have to feel they need the info you’re offering and they have to believe it’s relevant to them. Capeesh?

Instant Gratification

Period. Your lead magnet has to be instantly accessible and quickly consumed. Lead magnets have to have Instant Gratification. A LM isn’t a book. It’s not a manual. And it’s not lengthy course.

A lead magnet is:

  • Instantly accessible

  • Quickly consumed

  • Valuable information

  • Relevant to your niche

Tip: Qualified leads translate into sales.
Even More qualified leads = Even More Sales!

You get Even More qualified leads with the RIGHT lead magnet.

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Innovate, Don’t Invent

Don’t spend any of your time trying to come up with something you think is new and original. First of all, it’s a waste of your time as an entrepreneur.

Secondly, you need to test new ideas to see if they work or not and that takes time. Thirdly, use what’s already been proven to work and just make it better.

Use one of these examples, plug in your valuable content and go.

The Checklist

This is a simple way to present valuable information. Create a checklist of good content. I work with coaches and consultants and I teach them how to attract high-end clients.

So I’m going to be using examples from my niche. Here are some ideas for the checklist:

3 Easy Tips for Creating An Irresistible Offer

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Next Sales Funnel

8 Fool-Proof Strategies for Getting More Views On Your YouTube Channel


This is a checklist I created for my clients and students who want to create a successful and effective sales funnel.

The Quiz

A quiz is fun! Especially if it’s quick and easy and offers a great result they can use at the end. This is my most successful type of lead magnet. I call it an Assessment. My prospects take the assessment and then get filtered by results.

This way I can see who will be a high-end client and who won’t. And at the end of the assessment they get a report of findings regarding their marketing funnel strengths and weaknesses.

The way I structure it is they take the assessment. After they’re done they opt-in to get their results and the report. The report gives them a detailed list of where they can improve their marketing funnel strategies and where they’re doing it right.

This is a reverse-opt-in process. They take the quiz then they opt-in afterwards to get the results.

Here’s the link to my Assessment. Go ahead and hack this quiz template courtesy of me 😉 You’re welcome.

And the image below was a highly successful campaign I did using a personality assessment. People loved this quiz.

The Directory

I had a very successful lead magnet for a directory of 241 of the world’s top bloggers, podcasters, social media stars and YouTube hosts for 2016.

It was a great directory filled with case studies to follow and duplicate. It was specifically targeted to people trying to figure out how to “break out” in social media and it was highly successful. And highly targeted

The Blueprint

This is a great way to show people how to do something step-by-step. The blueprint can take the shape of a flow chart or a mind map or another kind of graphic that gives them specific instructions on how to achieve or create something.

The Resource List

The resource list is a valuable and popular way to provide information. This is an example of a resource list I helped one of my clients design for her sales funnel.

What are the resources that resonate for your niche? Put them all in one place with added valuable information.

I have used all of the examples I’ve just shown you with great success either for myself or my clients. So choose one of these and copy it. You have my blessing.

The advantage to using one of these templates is taht I’ve already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Below is a list of mistakes to avoid in creating your new LM. Go forth and prosper!

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4 Mistakes to Avoid

Keep It Simple – Don’t make your lead magnet too complicated. Keep it simple and straightforward and high-value.

So make sure your checklist isn’t too long. Don’t give them an impossible quiz. Don’t ask for more than their email and keep it fun.

Keep It Easy – Don’t create a process that is too much work to accomplish. This is a fast transaction. So give them instant gratification. Don’t make them read a book or take a long course. It won’t be successful.

Make It Specific – Don’t be general. Provide specific information about one topic. My assessment lead magnet is not an assessment of their business. It’s an assessment of their marketing funnels. Very specific.

Make It Relevant – Make sure the information you’re providing is relevant to your niche. I work with coaches but ‘coaches’ is a broad term

There are business coaches, personal coaches, corporate coaches, etc. I have a variety of lead magnets for different coaching niches. Whatever info you’re giving make sure it’s timely.

The Wrap Up

Lead magnets are a fun and fast way to build your lists. Just make sure your lead magnet is ultra-specific, of high-perceived value and instantly accessible. Follow these guidelines to create fun, innovative lead magnets that get results.

Don’t reinvent the lead magnet wheel. Pick one of the above templates and go to work! You can do this for your business! And you will get more leads and opt-ins using these strategies. Innovate, don’t invent.

By the way, how well do you know your market? Are you ready to build your lead magnet or do you need to do a little more research?

By researching your market you will discover what they need and what they’re looking for. Once you know that you can build a great lead magnet that will attract the right people to you.

But where do you start your research?? Click Here for this great worksheet to get you started! This worksheet will help you answer everything you need to know about who you are marketing to and what they are looking for.

Do you have an effective lead magnet? Show me! I’d love to see what’s working for you guys.

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