The Secret to Sales Funnels in 6 Easy Steps


Please slide down my magic funnel. Take a look around. Feel free to drink from the various bottles of magical elixir.

Would you like to be taller?

Or smaller?

Or rounder?

Or smarter?

I will help you reach your greatest desire, Alice.

I consult and teach my clients how to build sales funnels that attract premium clients and customers. I work primarily with coaches, trainers and speakers.

Are you ready to build a sales funnel that attracts the kind of people you want to work with? That shows off the products you’ve worked hard to create?

Take my hand…

This month we’ve learned about the anatomy of sales funnels and how to build an effective lead magnet. So now let’s build something!

It’s not enough to put yourself out into the ether with a great message. You have to direct people to do something with your message. You have to give people actions to take to stay with you. Or else they will be led away by someone else with a great message and…a great sales funnel.

So what are the steps to building a coaching sales funnel?

As a coach, speaker or trainer you have to know 3 things before you build a successful funnel:

  1. Your message
  2. Your market
  3. Your media

You have to have a clear message, what you want to say to the world. That’s probably what propelled you into becoming a coach or speaker in the first place.

Next, you have to know who you are speaking to when you speak. Who’s listening? It isn’t the entire world. It’s a certain sliver of the world that needs to hear what you are saying.

Finally, you need the right media format for getting that message to your market. That includes, seminars, books, webinars, social media, one-on-one experiences, etc.

When you know your market you are able to create products and services that add value to their lives and how to get it to them.

Do they need a live, hands-on workshop? Would you market engage best with a webinar to attract a more global base? Is it time to write a book?

Knowing your market assists you in determining what they need and how to deliver it to them.

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When you have all three of these in place, building a successful sales funnel is a matter of finding the right infrastructure and plugging in your content.

The “plugging in your content” part is what trips people up. So let’s build a sales funnel so you know how to plug your content in when you’re ready!

Step One –

“It’s no use going to back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” —Alice

To make this thing work you need a magnet!

You need something that will draw people in. Last week we examined Lead Magnets and how to create them. A lead magnet needs to be an Irresistible offer. Something people want.

This offer is typically in the $0 – $20 range. The most valuable aspect of this tier is that clients are willing to give up their contact info to you.

So tier one is all about being irresistible.

This offer is simple, easy to consume and of high-perceived value. That can take the shape of a checklist, a quiz, a resource list, a directory or a blueprint.

That’s the top of your funnel, what pulls people in.

Those are easy to create when you know your market. You know what they want and you design something simple, easy to consume and high-value and then give it to them in exchange for their contact info.

Now they’re on your list.

Now what??

When they’re on your list you can start to offer them other higher-value products and services.


 Step Two –

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

This is the second tier of your funnel.

This offer is in the $20 – $500 range.

This is where you can offer monthly memberships, an e-course, or initial consultations.

The key to this level of your funnel is Consistency. You need to assure people you’re here for the long haul. You are not a fly-by-night operation here for the quick buck.

You’re here to better people’s lives in a very specific way. And you’re ready to prove it over and over. That’s why on-going products work well here. It shows you’re sticking with them for a while.

A Note About Content: It takes a lot of work to put together these products. It takes time, thought and strategy to create a membership site and offer new and valuable content on it consistently.

Designing an e-course, writing a book, doing one-on-one consultations all take a lot of time.

So before you start working on a funnel, strategize what kind of products make sense for you to offer.  Do you have the stamina and expert knowledge to write a book? Or is a one-day webinar more your speed right now?

Do you have enough content for an e-course?

These are important questions to ask before you begin work on your funnel. Find out what you are prepared for and can offer people first.

Are your message, market, and media synced to maximize your results from your sales funnel? 

Holes in your funnel leak money from your business.  Are there are holes in your funnel you are not seeing? 

Click Here to Get An Assessment of Your Sales Funnel!  Plug the holes, pick up that leaked money >>


 Step Three –

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”—The Red Queen

This is the third tier of your funnel.

This offer is in the $500 – $3000 range. This is where you’ll offer Do-It-Yourself or DIY programs.

Whereas tier two was about consistency, tier three is about Momentum. If you have a client that has gone from tier one to tier two, they’re ready for tier three. So keep it going. Don’t stop now!

They’re excited they found you and they want more!

Tier three is where you can offer your client-soon-to-be-evangelical, extended products. Things like, a virtual workshop series, a 1-day seminar and weekly “office hours” with greater access to you.

Keep the momentum going by offering your clients more content and a chance to explore and use that content with your DIY products.


Step Four –

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” —The Red Queen

This is the fourth tier of your funnel.

This offer is in the $3000 – $12,000 range. This tier offers products and services that are DWY: done-with-you.

These are products like 1-to-1 coaching, certification programs and accountability partnerships within your membership.

When clients are ready for tier four you’re dealing with evangelicals. These are people who love what you offer as a coach or trainer. They are with you and want to take advantage of everything you have to offer.

This is good to be aware of because your coaching services and accountability partnerships will hold these people accountable while using your products. And they will love that.

So this tier is about Accountability. It’s time for you to track what these clients are doing with your products. Are they using your message and products correctly? Are they being consistent? Are they seeing the results of using your products?

Remember, your business is not just marketing to get the next customer or client, it’s about making sure the clients you’ve gotten this far are happy and above all are getting results from your products and services.

It’s these results that will propel your clients to the next tier of your funnel. If they are accountable and successful they are ready for a little pampering…

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 Step Five –

  “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” —Alice

This is the fifth tier of your sales funnel. This offer is in the $12,000 – $30,000 range.

This is the DFY or done-for-you tier.

Tier five is all about Pampering. These offers reflect appreciation of how far your clients have come and how well they’re doing. And pampering propels them to the next tier.

If these people are handing you $12,000+ they are getting the results you promised them. They deserve to be pampered and acknowledged as your base of support.

Top Tip: This is also where you can take the time to acknowledge that you are doing it right. You have a clear and consistent message; you can be trusted; and you deliver on the success you promise others. Congratulations!

That’s a big deal so acknowledge that.

Tier five offers things like private consulting, 2 – 5 day seminars or retreats, and “deep dives” into the anatomy of your clients “trouble spots.” There are a whole host of other products and services you can offer here as well.

When you pamper you smooth the way for the next step in your funnel.



Step Six –

“Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” —the Mad Hatter

This is the sixth tier of your funnel. This is the range of $30,000 – $100,000 products and services.

This tier is about Mastery. Your premium clients are mastering your message and (hopefully) taking it to the streets!

This tier offers private and on-going Mastermind groups with specialized one-on-one consultation and other individualized programs.

Masterminds are places where successful people go to create greater success.

In Masterminds you have an exchange of ideas, brainstorming with highly successful and motivated leaders, and problem-solving with others who’ve faced your same challenges.

Masterminds accelerate success.

Masterminds are effective avenues for leaders to take greater leaps and risks and win big in their businesses and as individuals.

These kinds of groups are the foundation of great success and a hugely attractive offer for your inner circle of premium clients and evangelists.

If you’re going to go after premium clients you need to have the right products to offer them. And you need the right kind of funnel to attract them.

Tier six embodies the ultimate premium client experience.

The Wrap Up

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” —Alice

Through the looking glass you can go to achieve your wildest dreams. But it takes a little growing up and it takes believing in yourself.

Being an entrepreneur means believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself and your message you can offer anything of value. You can create a high-value funnel with invaluable products that attracts premium clients.

You can create a loyal base of evangelical clients who will prosper and echo your message throughout your market.

Each step of this funnel is designed to propel people to the next tier of your funnel. Does your sales funnel do that? Would you like a one-on-one assessment of your sales funnel and funnel strategies?

You need the right system to attract premium clients. You have to have the right content. You have to have the right kinds of offers and products. And you have to have to right kind of sales funnel.

The sales funnel I presented here is only a fraction of what I design for my clients. Each funnel I design puts your business into High Growth Mode with strong lead generation and sales conversion of Pre-Qualified Leads.

Click here to get a complementary assessment of your sales funnel to see what’s working and what’s not. I want to help!

Do you have a sales funnel? How’s it performing? Let me know!

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