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Sales Funnels are the bathroom hygiene of the marketing world.

Nobody likes to get into the details but everybody loves a smooth flow and good movement.

Sorry. But it’s true!

So how are your sales funnels? 😉

This week we’re reviewing one of the most basic and important aspects of your business. Let’s do a little, end-of-year funnel hygiene!

As a coach and consultant for other coaches and trainers I run into a specific problem regularly. People have a great idea, so they write a book, they start a website, they get their certification, etc. Then they go into the marketplace and… and…

There’s a bit of a disconnect between coaches and their businesses. They’re great with clients, they get results. And then nobody besides the coach and client sees those results.

Many coaches don’t know how to draw new clients into their sphere of influence.

One of the most critical elements of the conversion process is your sales funnel. An effective sales funnel can do most of the work for you.

So What the Hell is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a step by step process that a potential client goes through to sign up for your products or services.

Every time you buy something online you go through some sort of sales funnel.

So how can coaches and trainers set up successful sales funnels for their products and services?

This is my specialty. *cracks knuckles.

What Does a Premium Sales Funnel Look Like?

What I’m about to breakdown is a premium sales funnel that works well for transformational coaches, business coaches, trainers and speakers. These are the people I work with most frequently.

I’ve perfected this funnel over many years and it’s highly effective.

Tier One

Tier One is your Lead Magnet. This is your ethical bride. A piece of valuable information in exchange for their contact info. This is the top of your funnel.

Tier Two

Tier two is an irresistible offer. This kind of offer is typically something like a monthly membership, an in-depth e-course, a strategy session or initial consultation. *This tier includes tier 1.

Tier Three

Tier Three is an extensive course like a webinar or a workshop series, or a one-day seminar. This is more involved content and a greater commitment on their part as well as yours. *This tier includes tiers 1 + 2.

Tier Four

Tier Four means even greater commitment from your customer/client.This level of your funnel includes private coaching, private group coaching, certification courses and accountability processes. *This tier includes tiers 1- 3.

Tier Five

Tiers three and four are about learning and indoctrination. Tier Five is really where they’ve turned the reigns over to you.

This tier will include private “deep-dive” consulting and done-for-you business and transformational experiences.This tier is all about pampering your clients. *This tier includes tiers 1- 4.

Tier Six

Tier Six includes all the other tiers as well we access to your mastermind, transformational retreats, and all-access to you, your staff, and your content.

This sales funnel is highly tested and successful for myself and clients. If you’d like an in-depth description of this sales funnel including what it looks like, click on the links below:

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The Most Important Part of EVERY Funnel

At first glance you may think that the most important part of your sales funnel is the final tier. This is where you typically charge $30,000 – $100,000 for your services. And if that’s your answer you would be c- completely wrong!

The most important part of any sales funnel, whether you’re selling a consulting package or eye cream is the top of your funnel.

The top of your funnel is doing a lot of work:

  • It collects people’s contact info to build your list
  • It’s offering a quality piece of information in exchange for that information
  • It’s separating the buyers from the browsers
  • It’s a strong magnet that will begin the funnel process

The most important part of your funnel is the very top, before tier one. Let’s take a look.


The Anatomy of A Sales Page

The top tier of your funnel starts with a powerful lead magnet that draws people to your first tier with an equally powerful sales page.

Lead Magnet

It all starts with a lead magnet. A Lead Magnet is a free product (usually digital, like an instructional PDF) in exchange for someone’s email address.

This product is the top of or introduction to your sales funnel. It entices someone into your funnel with a ‘free’ gift.

These are examples of Lead Magnet headlines:

“Discover 3 Strategies for Greater Productivity!”

“Learn 8 New Tips for Better Digestion”

The purpose of the lead magnet is to give something of value in exchange for someone’s contact info so you can keep in touch with them.

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is where you offer the lead magnet. It’s a page or window that solicits someone to opt-in for their email address in exchange for the lead magnet.

It’s a form of lead acquisition to grow your prospect list.

You ask them for their email address in order to view your content. Usually this is optional, sometimes it’s mandatory.

There are different elements of a squeeze page and all these elements are designed to inspire the prospect to opt-in.

You want to have a clear headline that grabs people’s attention. You want to give them a call-to-action: what to do next.

There needs to be an opt-in field where they fill in their contact info. You want to describe the benefits of their free gift. And you want to enhance the page with images, audio and video.

These are all designed to describe the gift (lead magnet), entice the viewer and provide instructions for what to do next.

Exit Pop Window

An Exit Pop is a window that pops up if they move to exit the page prematurely.This is a very smart way to handle people who decide to click away.

The window gets their attention and simply asks them to give up their info, nothing else. They don’t have to buy anything. They don’t have to go into the funnel. They just fill in their info and leave.

Irresistible Offer

An irresistible offer is your actual product or service. The lead magnet gets them ‘in the door’ and then you reveal your irresistible offer. Make sense?

It might go something like this…

“How to get your LI profile opened more…”

they click to discover…

“I made $500k from leads on LI last year…I can show you how to do that for $997. And if you act now you can receive it for $497 and I’ll throw in all the Twitter tricks + how to make a million dollars without ever talking to anyone + the email-campaign-in-a-box+super+software for free!” Too much?

Ok, so where does the Irresistible offer live?

On the sales page…

Nothing is more important in putting your business into HIGH-GROWTH MODE than designing an effective lead generation and sales conversion system that generates more pre-qualified PROSPECTS, builds a more ENGAGED list, and easily converts high-end clients without personal and professional REJECTION.

Get your FREE Assessment Today >>


Sales Page

A sales page advertises a specific product or service you are selling, your irresistible offer. This page is designed to turn browsers into buyers, prospects into leads.

This page shows off and explains your irresistible offer. There are several elements of a successful sales. They include:

  • The product image
  • Opening Hook
  • Super-headlines
  • Core headline
  • Core offer description
  • FAQs
  • Feature bullets
  • Benefits bullets
  • Sub-headlines
  • CTA buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Bonuses
  • Legal Notices
  • Help Desk Access

Every single one of these elements helps to clarify the product or service, builds trust and confidence and lays out how it works.

Click on one of the related links below to find out more about the different elements of sales pages with descriptions and how they all work together.

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Order Page

Once your prospect clicks one of the CTA buttons they are taken to the order page.

This is where they’ll input their payment info and review their order. The order page should also include a review of the offer and a review of the money-back guarantee.

It’s also wise to include a product image, a review of the benefits and features and any bonuses they’ll be getting. And of course a big, red order button, or something equivalent.

Here are something elements to consider adding to your order page:

more testimonials, an upsell offer as well as a downsell offer. A downsell offer works especially well if the person gets to the order page and decides to not go through with it.

Thank You Page

Finally…the Thank You page.

A thank you page does several important things.

It thanks the customer for buying the product. It also confirms the customer’s info and celebrates the buying decision. Congratulations!

The other important thing a good thank you page does is extend the discussion. It invites the new customer to join your online community with your social media info and new member login prominently displayed.

Thirdly, a thank you page should also direct the new customer to take the next action. Check their email for the important link to their new product or further instructions.


The Wrap Up

Ethical bribery is little understood and greatly exploited in today’s online capitalism. One of the reasons why I started this blog was to delve into what ethical influence really is and how to use it.

I love working with and consulting coaches on best practices. It’s one of my passions. Here’s why…

People hate to be sold to but they love to buy.

My friend Jeffrey Gitomer said that. And I have found it to be 100% true. Knowing that, you don’t need to lie, harass, stalk, or hard sell your prospects. Everyone is interested in a good deal if it’s right for them.

So figure out what it is you want to say; figure out who you want to say it to and then use these tools to reach them and convince them you’re the right choice. And you can do that effectively, honestly and transparently.

Do you already have a marketing funnel for your coaching business?

Click here if you’d like me to take a look at it and give you my assessment. I’d love to help any way I can.

Just be prepared for a little ruthless compassion. 😉

Are you currently using a marketing funnel?

How’s it working out?

Join the Conversation and let me know!>>

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