How To Speak to Every Buying Persona in the Right Sequence



If you try to speak to a Competitive personality type the way you speak to a Spontaneous personality type YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE THE SALE.

Why? Because different personalities learn and receive information differently. A Competitive personality type learns quickly through logic. So if you start to talk about your product describing how it works you will lose the Competitive personality within 30 seconds of speaking.

The first thing you say to a Competitive personality is WHAT the product is and move on from there. When you’ve told them what your product is they become interested and they stick around.

Want to know the secrets to the other 3 personalities? Watch this short video to find out.

In This Video:

  • Find out what has gotten LOST in all sales training
  • The 4 personas that you NEED to focus on
  • Learn the SEQUENCE to write & speak to every persona
  • Find out which type needs to HEAR about testimonials the   most
  • Create a SAFE Buying Environment for all 4 types with the RIGHT Sequence


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Now Click “Play” and turn up the sound to learn how to create a better buying environment.

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