Conversion Strategy Coach Certification

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01:59 What does C.S.C. Certification mean?
04:11 What does Certification really mean?
08:19 Why is being C.S.C. Certified important?
11:45 How does the C.S.C Certification work?
15:03 What happens if you’re C.S.C. Certified?
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Monday, May 11th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific
Wednesday, May 13th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific
Monday, May 18th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific
Wednesday, May 20th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific
Monday, May 25th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific
Wednesday, May 27th 2pm to 3:30pm pacific

An Open Letter To All CSC Certification Candidates

Hey thanks for making it to this web page…

I have no idea if you and I have ever met, but I think I do know these two things about you:

  1. You want to accelerate your business growth

  2. You want an easier way to convert new clients


I’m guessing that another reason why you’re here is to learn the Truth about what it takes to become a “Social Influencers” in your area of expertise.

You could be a coach, speaker, author, info marketer, service professional or even a brick n’ mortar business owner. I don’t know what you do, but if I’ve guessed at WHY YOU’RE HERE accurately, keep reading …

Please watch the video (above) carefully and take notes (if you want) because I’m going to answer 4 IMPORTANT questions on the 23-minute Orientation Video and here with the “written word.”

Here are the questions:

  1. WHAT does Conversion Strategy Coach (C.S.C.) Certification really mean?

  2. WHY is being C.S.C. Certification important and relevant to you and your business?

  3. HOW will the C.S.C Certification process work (step-by-step) during formal training?

  4. WHAT IF you become C.S.C CERTIFIED … what will your life look like 30 days later after you get your certificate of completion? 90 days? One year? Five years after completion?


These are important and relevant questions I want to answer in order to help eliminate any guesswork about this certification program.

More importantly, this “Open Letter” is intended to give you more clarity so you can make an intelligent decision on whether or not you want to be a Certified Charter Member.

What Does C.S.C. Certification Really Mean?

Here’s my ANSWER: “Certification” or “Certify” or “Certified” are different description of the same concept.

If you look the words on Wikipedia, you’ll find that they refer to: “A confirmation of certain characteristics of a thing, or a person or an organization. That’s it!

The THING is C.S.C Certification training. The ORGANIZATION is “” And the PERSON(S) involve Doug Brown and me (Alex Mandossian). Got it?

Doug Brown


Alex Mandossia

Some people get hung up on what CERTIFICATION really is and so I want to clear some of that for you here:

If I were to Mentor you on what “Certification” really means, I’d say that Doug and I designed this training so you can play the Social Influence game BIGGER, BETTER and on your OWN TERMS!


Doug and I are not from Harvard, Yale or any other IVY League University and C.S.C. Certification is not a University of Phoenix accredited program. It’s not MBA program that could cost you over two hundred thousand dollars and several years to complete.

Those organizations and their programs are remarkable and you’re welcome to get certified from them in the disciplines they offer. But to our knowledge, they don’t offer Conversion Strategy Coach Certification.

The reason there’s so much value dealing with those 3rd party institutions is because you are borrowing authority from them when you get your degree.

And the same goes with us …

When you complete your C.S.C. Certification, you will get to take advantage of “borrowing authority” from Doug and me, along with our collective reputations. This is starting to make sense to you, isn’t it?

That’s what CERTIFICATION is. That’s what ACCREDITATION is. It’s a form of Borrowing Authority so you can get MORE Social Influence, faster, better and easier with the target prospects of your choice!

The Better Business Bureau, the Good House Keeping Seal, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Academy Awards and the Pulitzer Prizes are credible 3rd parties that allow their recipients to borrow the authority of their brands.

If you’re hung up on the validity of us certifying you, then we have four words for you:

We Will Miss You!

No one is making you take this training, so if you question our authority of certifying you, then we prefer that you don’t participate in this program. I go into more detail about this hang up on the video above, so if you have any doubts, then watch the video, then make a committed decision. Okay?

Why Is C.S.C Certification So Important and Relevant to You and Your Business?

Conversion Strategy Coaches will get our Certification Stamp of approval, which demonstrates and proves you’ve completed the training.

This stamp will have greater and greater meaning as this program unfolds to the coaching, speaking and Information Marketing Communities online.


Another advantage is of becoming C.S.C. Certified is you’ll get new client referrals from me … if and ONLY if … you score high enough on your Certification Exam and you pass my Client Referral Interview process.

In essence, I am lending you my CREDIBILITY or put another way, you are “Borrowing Authority” from me. That’s not an ego statement … it’s the Truth … if you think it’s true, then I recommend you commit right now.

(Use the code: “certified” to save $2,750 from non-Charter Tuition)

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Your end of the bargain is to take on clients with a high level of care and dignity that any Certification like ours demands.

If you end up becoming a PAID COACH for us, then I’ll send you my “overflow” clients and you and I will share the revenue that comes in. But I want to be clear about ONE THING: They are my clients and you get to coach them … but you don’t get to market your own products to them.

Is this clear enough?


But if you question my reputation or social influence … Or if you don’t feel I have what you want, then please, don’t participate in this program because you will not be a good fit

I’m not on trial here … you are!

I really don’t want any Problem Children coaches in my organization, just as you shouldn’t want any in your organization. (Look, my own kids aren’t Problem Children, so I’m totally committed not to adopt any new ones!)

Sound fair enough to you? I’m writing this not to challenge you or offend you, but to be CRYSTAL CLEAR with you. Okay?

How Will the C.S.C. Certification Process Work?

C.S.C. Certification has 6 modules of training and Doug Brown will conduct the trainings utilizing the power, speed and convenience of G+ Hangouts! Each module is carefully designed to be 90 minutes training time, followed by a 30-minute Q/A session.

Let me tell you a little about Doug Brown and why I chose him to be my Chief Certification Instructor for our C.S.C. program.


Look, there are probably over 10,000 trainers in the world who COULD teach this program for me. Most likely, 1,000 of those trainers would be willing to do it with the terms Doug is doing.

Maybe 100 would be ideal for my purposes … but only 1 was chosen and that person is, of course, Mr. Doug Brown!

I chose Doug mainly because of his years of experience in sales training and conversion strategies in many “vertical niches” … but you are still unclear who Doug Brown is and why I chose him, click the link below

Find Out Why Doug Is Your Ideal C.S.C. Certification Trainer »

(Use the code: certified to save $2,750 from non-Charter Tuition)

Once you finish the Certification Training, then you’ll be ready to study for the Certification Exam.

This exam is like an SAT or LSAT or BAR Exam like we have here in the United States and it will test your level of Competency and Aptitude.


Then your final STEP is to conduct a personal INTERVIEW with me. I will conduct these Certification Interviews in groups of 5 to 9 and you’ll be on a Google Hangout along with the other candidates if you make it that far.

My INTENTION behind the Interview process is to assess your level of COMMITMENT and ATTITUDE toward becoming a Conversion Strategy Coach (C.S.C.) and determine on the spot if I have enough faith in you to send you client referrals.

Got it?

You’ll get your certification if you pass the exam, but you won’t get any Client Referrals form me unless you end up scoring a 10 out 10 during the Certification Interview. I need 100% Commitment with a 100% Positive Attitude toward my clients before I send any to you. Clear enough, right?

There are a few other details and many other advantages you’ll get to reap, but that’s enough for now

What If You Become C.S.C. Certified … What Will Your Life Look Like the Moment You Get Our Approval?

The short answer is you’ll be a much, much, much better at engaging, influencing and persuading others to say, “YES!”

You’ll also be a more effective thought leader in your area of expertise and you’ll even learn how to deal with “problem children” clients 🙂

To be blunt, most authors, speakers and coaches are really good at their area of expertise, a.k.a. working “IN” their business. But these same professionals lack the skills, discipline and courage to be really great at working “ON” their business, which is what really matters — growing it!

My friend, Michael Gerber calls these working “IN” the business folks Technicians in his e-Myth Series. Other thought leaders have called them Operators. It doesn’t matter what they’re called, my only hope is that YOU do NOT become one of them!

In my view, these entrepreneurs and business owners are sadly unable to reach their full potential. They have a passion to promote their message and make money doing it … but they also have an unacknowledged or undetected BLOCK that prevents them from going to the masses!


If I’m describing you right now, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT … but it is your responsibility and duty to share your passion to masses when you play the game of business.

And when it comes to playing the game of business, there are really 4 ways to play: 1) Refuse to Play, 2) Pretend to Play, 3) Play not to LOSE and 4) Play to win … how do you play?

Our goal with you is to train and certify you to play the game of business and sales conversion BIGGER, BETTER and on your OWN TERMS!

The moment your complete our Certification training you’ll be a lot more confident in growing your business.

After 30 days, you’ll be a lot better at converting more sales. After 90 days, if you’re like most of my private coaching clients, you will double and even triple your conversion rates with less disappointment or embarrassment.

Our Intention for you one year after is to be teaching and training others how to get C.S.C. Certified, just like Doug taught you the year before! My Intention is to have you triple your income and double your time off!

If This Sounds Good Enough, Then Register Here »

(Use the code: certified to save $2,750 from non-Charter Tuition)

You’ll do this because you’ll only talk with the RIGHT PROSPECTS, delivering the RIGHT MESSAGE … at precisely the RIGHT TIME in their sales cycles.

In 5 years, my Intention is to make you independently wealth and walking the beaches of the world. Picture yourself looking at your wristwatch out of curiosity instead of necessity.

Imagine serving only the people you want to serve and passing on the wealth just like Doug and I did with YOU, 5 years prior!

Our ultimate Intention with this Certification training is not just to give you a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest full of gold and riches … rather, we want to hand you a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest full of other treasure maps that lead to treasure chests full of Gold and Riches!


But it’s up to you … we’re providing the ELECTRICITY to the light switch and it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to FLIP THE SWITCH!

If You’re Game, Register Here »
(Use code: “certified” to save $2,750)

This Certification training, like any other training, requires a deep you COMMITMENT, not just passion. As one of my mentors says, Passion doesn’t produce commitment … commitment produces passion!”

First you need the WOOD then you can have the FIRE.

I know plenty of passionate people who are unhappy, broke and even suicidal … I don’t know anyone who is COMMITTED who is unhappy or who lacks wealth in their lives.

Remember, WEALTH is what you have left when all the money is gone … Mother Teresa was WEALTHY. Mahatma Gandhi was WEALTHY and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was WEALTHY!

My goal is not only to make you WEALTHY, but also to make you RICH along the way? Are you ready to PLAY THIS GAME my friend? Paying for and going through the training is not enough.

Learning the new SKILLS and TOOLS is not enough. You must go through and get the SKILLS and TOOLS with the RIGHT ATTITUDE and the RIGHT COMMITMENT!

If you’ve had a change of heart and have too many personal commitments to take this training, please let us know and we will refund you ASAP! But if this Orientation Video has gotten you more fired-up and you’re ready to ROCK, then Doug and I can’t wait for our paths to cross with this training!

Remember to use the code: “certified” to save $2,750 from non-Charter Tuition!

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